15 Hardest Bonus Levels In Video Games

Going out of your way? Be careful – these bonus areas take no prisoners.

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When it comes to pain and suffering, some games are seemingly built on delivering. Not every game wants you to experience sadistic design all throughout though. Sometimes, they tuck it away into special levels, areas, maps and chapters that unleash all manner of suffering. Let’s take a look at the 15 toughest bonus levels in video games.

Hollow Knight – Path of Pain

The White Palace is already a pretty haphazard place full of platforming terrors but necessary for getting the best endings. The Path of Pain, added with the Grimm Troupe DLC, is on another level though. There’s your average range of spikes, buzz-saws, thorns and whatnot but this area tests your mastery of bouncing off obstacles with the Nail. Even if you happen to get through it all, there are two Kingsmoulds waiting to be fought.

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