15 Moments In Video Games That Made Gamers Go “Wait, What?”

There are “plot twists” and then there’s the utterly bizarre revelation. Join us as we examine the latter.

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There have been numerous moments throughout the history of culture that make us question things. Books like Game of Thrones, movies like The Sixth Sense and even TV shows like, well, Game of Thrones have had their fair share of moments that made us go, “Wait, what?” So of course we’re going to outline 15 video game moments in the same vein. Let’s get started!

The Joker – Batman: Arkham Knight

When the Joker died in Batman: Arkham City, it was a pivotal moment. It even made us ponder about WB’s focus on exploring the beginning of the Batman-Joker in Arkham Origins. By the time Batman: Arkham Knight rolled around and Scarecrow’s ACE Chemicals plan was foiled, we knew why. The Joker was alive. In Batman’s head. Rocksteady does a decent job explaining why this is the case but honestly, this moment came out of left field.

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