15 Terrible Things EA Has Ever Done

Worst company in America was quite apt for Electronic Arts.

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You really don’t get voted into the worst company of America, twice, for no reason. Whether you enjoy their games despite the publisher behind them or not, it’s taken more and more mental gymnastics over the years to really understand the logic behind some of the most horrible things Electronic Arts has ever done to the industry itself.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Blunder

When you have what is easily the most well known, respected and loved sci-fi series of the last generation under your belt and need to take it into the next generation, you should probably do all you can to make sure that the series is continued in a way that respects that legacy, right? While the story of what went so terribly, terribly wrong with Mass Effect Andromeda is a long one of ambition, mismanagement, politics and tech within Bioware, it was ultimately Electronic Arts who pushed the game out the door anyways, and then shelved the series indeterminately while splitting up the development team in the process.

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