15 Times Video Games Were Tired of Your Nonsense

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When we’re playing games, no matter what type of game it is that we’re playing, we can’t help but test its boundaries, see how far the game is willing to let us go before pulling us back and telling us we’re stepping outside the bounds of the intended experience. And a lot of the times, games do that in very different ways. Sometimes, we might not even be stepping outside of those aforementioned bounds, and doing something that the game pretty much allows us to do, and the game might still react in interesting ways. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen games that do just that.


Skyrim is the sort of game that is built around the idea that every player will tackle it in completely different ways, and that is something it encourages. But the one unspoken rule that every Skyrim player knows by heart is this- never attack the chickens. Most of us learned this lesson the harsh way, when we first entered Riverwood on our first playthrough. As we lay our eyes on the street right after entering the village, we took in the sights, an spotted a chicken walking down the road. And like we do in every other game, for some inexplicable reason, we attacked that chicken- only to realize that the chicken holds a dear place in the hearts of all Riverwood inhabitants, and that they will take any attack on it as an attack on themselves, and will come at you with everything that they’ve got, until you’re dead.

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