5 Insane Glitches In Mass Effect 3

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Games as vast and expansive as Mass Effect 3 often tend to have several glitches. We’ve seen some of the best and most hilarious glitches ever with the likes of Fable 2, GTA 4 and Skyrim, but we came across some pretty interesting videos of glitches in Mass Effect 3, and below, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best videos. So have fun, and leave your comments in the comments section below.

Super-bloody headshot

Mass Effect 3 is a pretty brutal and gory game, and taking out enemies with headshots is always oh-so-satisfying. But this particular headshot in the multiplayer mode of the game here puts all other headshots to shame. It might be a glitch, but it’s actually a pretty good spectacle, worthy of the likes of Ninja Gaiden. If the enemy’s head gets so much blood, imagine what he’d be like in bed.

Floating Shepard

This is a pretty funny glitch. We’ve seen the likes of it before, with the player floating in mid-air, but I guess it never gets old. Shepard is walking one moment, and suddenly, he starts floating away. It’s a hilarious glitch, especially when you watch it.

“What kind of distraction?”

The entire time during this conversation, Shepard and Liara are talking to each other, but for some reason, they’re not looking at each other. maybe Glyph’s turned into a hot, naked asari, because Shepard and Liara both seemed to be very focussed on what they’re looking at.

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