7 60 FPS PS3 | Xbox 360 Games To Look Forward To

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For some reason or the other, some gamers believe that sixty frames per second are not doable on the current generation of consoles. But the truth is, 60FPS has not only been done in this generation but also done during the good old days of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.  Some prominent examples include Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Burnout 2.

Today we take a look at seven upcoming games that will be running at a slick 60 FPS on our beloved PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully, this article will also remove the consfusion that 60 FPS is only possible on a gaming PC.


Rage looks phenomenal. There are no two ways about that.  RAGE is one of the many upcoming games that will support 60FPS while maintaining the breathtaking details in the environment and also making sure the textures are of the highest quality possible. The game is utilizing id Software’s latest gaming engine: the id Tech 5 and given the innovative developers they are, we have no doubts that this is ‘the’  game to pick up, if you are a 60FPS fan.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Admit it or not, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a few elements that are better than DICE’s insanely anticipated Battlefield 3. One of them being a slick 60 FPS compared to 30 in Battlefield 3. It’s not a huge surprise, given the fact that previous games in the series also ran at that same rate. The developers have promised that the frame rate will never drop below and for the most part be above it. So you are getting almost 60+ fps game play…I say bring it on!

Driver: San Francisco

Not long ago, the developers at Codemasters recently stated that their Formula One franchise will not do a 60 FPS until next gen, but the developers of Driver: San Francisco had different ideas. Driver: San Francisco will be one of the few (may be the only one  in 2011) racing games that will run at a solid 60 FPS. They seem to believe that there is huge difference between playing a game at 60FPS and 30 FPS ( we agree!). And for a game like Driver where events happen really fast, 60 FPS is a welcome addition.

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