Anthem Guide – How To Earn Coins Quickly and Unlock Strongholds

A guide to earning coins in Anthem.

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In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can earn coins and unlock Strongholds in Anthem. Let’s begin!

How to Earn Coins Quickly?

Coins are crucial if you are interested in buying cosmetics and crafting materials. Now there are two ways to earn coins: Pay money or earn them in-game by completing various activities.

Earn Coins by Playing Public Events: These are essentially random events that happen in the world and won’t happen every time. Participate in them to earn coins.

Use the Alliance System: If your friends are playing Anthem, you can earn more coins through the game’s Alliance System. So basically, the more you and your friends play, the more coins you will earn.

Participate in Trials: Anthem has a trials system where you can participate in daily, weekly and monthly activities. As the name suggests, daily trials are easy to complete. Weekly and monthly activities will take longer but the amount of coins you earn will be more.

Additionally, you can also earn coins by playing Stronghold activities and legendary contracts.

All About Strongholds and Unlocking Them:

Strongholds are four-player adventures that will get unlocked once you complete the story mode. So, once you are done with the story mode, you need three other players so that you can begin this adventure. Strongholds are a great way to earn some high-level loot but to earn the best ones, you need to increase the difficulty level.

There are six difficulty levels, so choose as per your level and the kind of weapons and gear you have. If you want to be successful in Stronghold ensure you maintain communication with other players and use your Combos and Ulimates well.

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