Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Patch 1.0.7 Now Live, Patch Notes Revealed

Increased level cap, improved Smart Loot, and much more available in the latest patch.

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The latest patch for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out, and this one’s a doozy. It doesn’t just increase the level cap, improve the Photo Mode, provide more detailed Mercenary Benefits, and fix an issue plaguing Mercenary Live Events. It also introduces Visual Customization, a.k.a. Transmog, so you can customize your misthios however you want.

The patch is 2.2 GB on PC, 2.6 GB on Xbox One, and 2.5 GB on PS4. Along with all of the above, it brings support for “A Divine Intervention”, the second Lost Tale of Greece. The Smart Loot system has also been improved, so you’ll receive gear that’s more of your preferred playstyle. A number of different bug fixes have also been implemented – check the full patch notes here.

For a brief note on the most important changes, see below. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has its first DLC, Legacy of the First Blade, out next month, so there’s certainly no slowdown to the content just yet. How could the December update possibly top this? We’ll find out for ourselves in the next few weeks.


  • Increased Level Cap from 50 to 70.
  • Improved Photo Mode functionality (more details below).
  • Added Detailed Mercenary Benefits page to the game.
  • Improved Smart Loot System – it will now reward more gear of preferred playstyle.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent Mercenary Live Events from appearing.
  • Addressed various issues that prevented quests from completing – including Home Sweet Home, Perikles’ Symposium, and Mother’s Prayers.
  • Clothes Physics are not capped to 30FPS anymore but scale with selected graphics settings.


  • Added support for the second Lost Tale of Greece – A Divine Intervention.
  • The quest “Test of Judgment” will be available in-game upon installing version 1.0.7.
  • Available from Episode 5.
  • Located in Korinth, the quest will be added to the quest log once the quest giver was found.


NEW Visual Gear Customization/Transmog

  • Added a Visual Gear customization page to the inventory.
  • This lets you change the visual appearance of gear items while keeping their original stats.
  • Check out our latest article for more details on Transmog.

NEW Detailed Mercenary Benefits page

  • You can now access the Detailed Mercenary Benefits page from the Mercenary menu.
  • The Detailed Mercenary Benefits page will showcase all Tier Benefits and their statuses (unlocked/not unlocked).

NEW Level Cap Increase to 70

If you were Level 50 already, XP gained prior to this increase will automatically be transferred into ability points. XP gained prior the patch will not increase the Level.

Photo Mode Improvements

  • Added a Contrast option, more grid types, and an option to hide headgear to the game.
  • Added Fog and Bloom options
  • Tilt angle increased from 45° to 90°.
  • Improved auto-focus functionality.
  • Improved display of liked photos on the world map.
  • Added a Preview button to immediately hide the UI.
  • Pressing any button when the UI is hidden will now bring the UI back automatically.


  • Discounts from Mercenary Tier benefits will now be displayed at the Blacksmith.
  • Added support for future Live encounters.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Improved hitboxes of legendary animals.
  • Added some more NPCs to various NPC stations (marketplaces, tanning spots, etc.).
  • Added achievement/trophy for Divine Intervention to the game.


Improved Smart Loot System – It will now reward more gear of the preferred playstyle.

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