Battlefield 4 New Details on Sniper Rifle, Remote Mortars, Carbine And More Gadgets

Rain fire down on your enemies or simply move them down with these new weapons.

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New footage for Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode has arrived, and this time around, the focus is squarely on weapons, weapons and more weapons. Here are some details on some of the new weapons below and what they can do.

UTS-15: 15 shells, pump action shotgun which takes a little longer to reload than your normal shotgun. You can equip laser pointers and slug shots, though the latter does not mean one shot kills.

DBV-12: AK12-like weapon, but which is actually magazine fed auto shotgun. There are several weapons that look similar, like the AKU-12 which is your usual machne gun.

ACE-52: Carbine which shoots heavy rounds, somewhat like the SCAR-H. Can fire up to 26 rounds in one magazine.

ACE-21: Similar to the above, but with 36 rounds, a faster fire rate and slightly lesser damage. Essentially the same base but modified depending on the needs of the player. Carbines are available for all classes, but will especially come in handy for Recon, since you have motion-sensing balls which can detect enemy movement.

SVD-12: On par with the old-school SVD but with more shots. It’s somewhat weaker in damage but you get significantly good range with it.

CSLR-4: Chinese bolt action sniper rifle.

SRR-61: Futuristic-ish sniper rifle which can be equipped with a range finder.

Flashbangs are also quite useful in Battlefield 4, since they can blind opponents temporarily and allow for easier shots. However, perhaps the most interesting weapon is the Remote Mortar, which lets you whip out a PDA in order to select enemies on a mini-map and rain mortars down. It has a fast rate of fire and comes across as slightly unbalanced in its current state, so expect DICE to tone it down when Battlefield 4 arrives on October 29th for current-gen consoles.

Any favourites among the above? Let us know below.

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