Battlefield 5 – Leveling Up Faster, And More About Combat Roles

A guide to leveling up in Battlefield 5.

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Battlefield 5

While Battlefield 5 has multiple progression systems built into it, the most important one is leveling up your classes. There are four classes in Battlefield 5, and each class has its own progression system, which gets you perks and rewards each time you level up, through to the level cap of 20. Rewards include primary weapons, sidebars, grenades, credits, and gadgets. Leveling up can also unlock new combat roles.


While you can switch classes at will in Battlefield 5, it’s generally advisable to focus on one class at a time. Level one up all the way to Level 20, and then you can move on to the next one (unless, of course, the one you leveled up is the only one that you like playing).

It’s not just about focusing either, however. The Combat Roles system in Battlefield 5 is directly linked to your leveling a class up. Combat Roles are like a “sub-class” for your main class. They are one of two possible focuses or traits that you can select as you level up, and they give you specialized, specific abilities—as an example, the Vehicle Buster Combat Role for the Assault class can help you deal more damage to vehicles on the map. Focusing on leveling one class up at the time, then, can have Combat Role related benefits—you get more specialization and options available to you, which open up a broader range of options as you try to make your way to Level 20, and also generally make you more adept at the game’s mechanics.

Keep these basics in mind, and there are additional tips and tricks you can focus on to try and level up faster than usual in Battlefield 5:

Complete objectives. This is not your usual shooter, and it’s not always about just the K/D ratio. Play the objective, always, and always cooperate with your squad mates.

Play to your class’ strengths. Your class has certain capabilities and strengths that, when played to, give you loads of XP. It’s the easiest way to accrue a lot of it in a single game, so always try to fulfil your role.

Playing the game is enough. Of course, winning gets you more XP (and winning is preferable in that it will level you up faster), but as long as you are doing everything else mentioned above, simply playing the game will be enough, and will get you a good amount of XP in decent time.

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