Battlefield 5: Vehicle And Plane Combat Detailed

Battlefield V design director talks about how vehicular sections work in the game.

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Vehicles and vehicular combat is a vital part of any Battlefield game, and that’s obviously not going to change when Battlefield V comes around. However, a few things in that area are going to change, hopefully for the better, to improve the balance of the game’s competitive aspects. DICE’s Daniel Berlin, who is the design director of Battlefield V, recently did an interview with YouTube channel Westie and spoke about many things, including vehicles as well.

Berlin said that DICE is currently still working out many of the specifics of how vehicles are going to work in Battlefield 5, but did say that a few changes are going to be made. For instance, just as it is with soldiers within the game, vehicles are now going to have limited ammo, and will have to return to resupply stations to stock up again. “They have limited ammo this time around, which is a big change,” Berlin said. “That also applies to airplanes as well. So airplanes have limited ammo, and they need to go back to home base to resupply as well. And the visual representation of that is little balloons in the sky, which you have to circle around, and by doing that you can resupply and get back into the combat.”

Berlin spoke about how these resupplies will work a little bit more, taking the specific example of a tank or, once again, an airplane, in the middle of combat. “You don’t need to leave the tank,” he said. “You don’t need to leave the airplane in order to resupply. But this fixes the issues from previous titles where, particularly in game modes like Operations, where you have one guy sitting on a hill and just shelling endlessly. He can’t do that anymore, because he’s gonna run out of ammo, so he’s gonna have to actually move away from there and go and resupply, which I think is a good thing for balance in general.”

I agree with him on that point for sure. Vehicles in Battlefield are part of the whole experience, of course, but it’s still very important to be able to find the right balance for everything, otherwise you just have all the players rushing to find a vehicle and not really interacting with the rest of the game the way they should. So this definitely seems like a change for the better. What are your views on this? Tell us in your comments below.

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