Biggest Video Game Worlds of 2020

Prepare to lose yourself in these massive worlds.

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It goes without saying that quality trumps quantity- but a buttload of quantity never really hurt anyone. Thankfully, we’re living in an age where the technology that video games are built on is able to keep up with the ambitious visions developers have for their projects. Games are getting larger by the day, the sizes of their worlds growing to epic proportions, and there was no shortage of similar experiences in 2020 either. That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this feature, as we list the biggest video game worlds of the year.


It should be no surprise that an Assassin’s Creed game has quite possibly one of the largest worlds we’ve ever seen in a video game. And while the sheer size of the 9th century England you explore in this VIking adventure shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows how Ubisoft operates, what is surprising – especially after the infamously bloated Odyssey – is how well Valhalla populates that ridiculous amounts or real estate. A smart structure staves off most issues to do with bloat, and exploring England is constantly a joy, with each of its areas full of side activities that act more like mini-puzzles to keep players engaged rather than a deluge of cut-paste content that can almost feel procedural. The pure and simple fact that this is a hundred hour game can be daunting in and of itself – which is fair – but you can at least rest assured that if you do decide to invest that time in Valhalla, it’ll at least be an amazing hundred hours.

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