Black Ops 2: Game Designer Responds to Banned Video That Exposes Hacking

A community player offers a helping hand. Treyarch snipes it right off.

Posted By | On 15th, Nov. 2012 Under News

Oh Activision. Never change (and think twice before getting devs on to Reddit).

We’ll let this story speak for itself. Here’s gamer and Youtube user Nick Bunyun‘s side:

“I played Black Ops 2 for 4 hours, my last game I found a hacker that was aimbotting. I recorded the gameplay and you can clearly see in the killcam him aimbotting. I put those parts in a video, commentated over it saying that I found a hacker, he is clearly hacking and he needs to be banned. Instead, as soon as the video got popularity and started being passed around, it was quickly taken down by Activision and I got a strike on my account. A strike on a innocent account for trying to help Black Ops 2 and reporting the hacker, just so they don’t have “bad” image for having a hacker in the first 24 hours of the game release? That seems unfair.”

Later, Avenged Sevenfold Lead Singer M. Shadows came on to Reddit along with Black Ops 2 lead designer David Vonderhaar for an “Ask me Anything” session. When Bunyun poised this query, about his account being banned despite wanting to help identify people hacking in the game, Vonderhaar simply responded:

“If can be impossible for the people who are watching this know the difference between people trying to get YouTube famous from hacking videos, and those intending to help. It’s a pretty thin line.”

Which is funny because Bunyun’s video was taken down in two hours while a typical “flag” takes days for removing a video. Also, as many users pointed out, Bunyun already has enough subscribers. Youtube fame is pretty much out of the question. And no, Vonderhaar didn’t comment on the matter after that.

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