Blizzcon 2010 Rundown

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Lots of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 news is coming from Blizzcon 2010, here is a rundown of what we have learned.

– Blizzard announced Star Craft 2 custom mods including Auir Chef, Left 2 Die, StarJeweled and Blizzard DotA. Blizzard DotA is a spin on WarCraft III’s Defence of the Ancients and on top of the energy gathering and troop building already in the game, StarJeweled will add gem-matching. Auir Chef will have your killing your way to win the title of “Executor Chef” and Left 2 Die will add a new co-op mode on the Star Craft 2 mission “Outbreak.”

– In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will be downloadable from December 7 before its actual release provided you pre-order it straight from Bilzzard.

– The final playable class was revealed for Diablo III which is the ‘Demon Hunter’ with her deadly crossbow.  The trailer is shown above.

– The StarCraft 2 spin-off Blizzard DOTA has had good things said about it being playable to a select few at BlizzCon this year.  Blizzard DOTA was explained as a a “larger” undertaking than the other three Blizzard mods. With that said they mentioned the release will be “further out” than the other spin-offs/mods.  Blizzard also promised to keep up with supporting the spin-off Blizzard DOTA with new content and updates.

– Blizzard’s next MMO will happen in 2010 at the earliest.

– The World of Warcraft movie seems to be a definite at this point with all intentions to “Do it right”.

– Blizzard said they are banking on all the custom mods to be part of the “Waves and waves” of Starcraft 2 (free) content coming before Heart of the Swarm.

– Blizzcon 2010 revealed that Diablo III will have PvP battles.  In PVP Arenas can allow you to make use of all your traits, abilities, runes, armor, weapons, etc. as well as the ability to unlock titles, achievements amd such.  Some first shots of it are at the site here. They also when into explain PvP in detail which we have below:

PvP (short for ‘player versus player’ combat) has had a storied history in the Diablo series. For Diablo III, we’ve decided to take it in a new direction to ensure that it’s deep, organized, frantic, and fun.

Diablo III’s PvP battles are fought in arenas spread out across the world of Sanctuary. These arenas aren’t random — they’re all unique, designed with differing amounts of terrain and cover. You participate in PvP using the character of your choice, with access to all of the gear and skills you’ve accumulated playing the game in single-player or cooperative mode.

You’ll learn many of the fundamentals of PvP (like how to avoid attacks or target specific foes) by playing the single-player game, but PvP differs in that it isn’t an ideal venue for gathering new weapons and armor. Your rewards for shedding blood in the arena are purer than that: bragging rights, the joy of sending friends old and new to their swift and inglorious deaths, and points that represent how far you’ve progressed on the path to fame and glory.

When you participate in ranked games (fights that pit two opposing teams of players against each other in ‘best of’ matches), you’ll earn points for advancement based on kills, accomplished objectives, wins, and other factors. Points lead to multiplayer achievements, titles, and more. Our system is focused on encouraging furious combat and multiplayer progression, not stringent competitive rankings, so you’ll earn points after every match and matchmaking will pit you against similarly skilled opponents.

We’re also looking into other PvP game types that exist outside the ranking system, like 1-on-1 duels and mutually chosen team battles (for example, you and your friends could divide into two teams for an arena showdown). We’ll have more information on the availability of these game types in the future.

Our aim for Diablo III’s PvP is to set you up with dangerous, exciting gladiatorial matches, let you battle it out with other players at your own pace, and allow you to proudly display your rewards. We’ve added a robust system to remove the obstructions that may have kept you out of the action, so that you can focus on what really matters: answering the age-old question of ‘who would win in a fight’ — with a gauntlet to the face.

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