Bloodborne PC/PS5 Rumor Resurfaces With Details Of Alleged Playtest

New supposed details say issues with testing and COVID delayed the reveal.

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It’s a time of many different rumors flying about with new consoles coming. One of those was one that many fans where delighted to hear about, the rumor that a remaster of the beloved action RPG Bloodborne was coming to PC and PS5. If you aren’t aware, basically around the time of the PS5 reveal in June, rumors popped up in several places to expect a reveal of the remaster there. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but some are insisting the game still exists, and a new rumor claims to shed light on what’s going on.

YouTuber PC Gaming Inquisition was one of the initial rumor starters, having a video about the alleged remaster, which you can see through here. He recently returned to this video, pinning a comment about the game. He said that he still believes the game exists, and claims he has information that the PC version went through a recent playtest. Part of the reason the game wasn’t revealed is there were issues found there, plus complications with COVID.

“1. There was another big playtest round of PC port in July to address issues that were found during previous QA tests.

2. All found critical bugs were fixed, online functionality is fully operational, the work on the port is almost finished.

3. Don’t expect miracles with the framerate, anything above 60 FPS still causing a lot of issues and game will probably be capped at 60 FPS even on PC (though I’m sure modders will figure out how to remove it).

4. Sony wants to push Bloodborne remaster in PS5 launch window line-up, but stuff can still be moved to a later date. Regardless, I personally doubt it won’t release in 2020 and it shouldn’t take too long for the official reveal since the work on the remaster is more or less done.”

Sony have been more open to allow their first party titles to come to PC, such as the recent release of Horizon Zero Dawn, so it’s not far fetched that Bloodborne could make the jump to PC, and a PS5 re-release or remaster alongside it makes sense. But, as often is the case here, take these rumors with a big grain of salt, especially since we’ve been burned once before. We can only hope the hunt will continue on.

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