Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Perks Revealed

Perks will work a bit differently in Blackout.

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We’ve recently been treated to tons of new details on Blackout, the battle royale mode in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4– from the size of its map, to how many players each match will host, to how it will handle vehicles, to the fact that it will even have zombies. Now’ courtesy of Game Informer, we’ve learned a bit about how perks will function in Blackout as well.

Notably, it looks like perks will function a bit differently in Blackout from what players might be used to. While in Call of Duty’s traditional competitive multiplayer modes perks act as permanent upgrades, in Blackout, these will be consumables that give players temporary boosts and buffs.

The Consumer perk will reduce the time required to use items, or to heal yourself or a teammate, by 20 per cent. Stimulant increases your HP by 100, while Skulker allows you to move quicker while crouching or prone, and Dead Silence reduces the sound your footsteps make. Iron lungs will allow you to hold your breath a bit longer, which will come in handy for both, swimming and taking shots from a sniper rifle.

Looter will let you see ammo, health pickups, weapons, and other items through walls. Meanwhile, Outlander will reduce the damage you take from the shrinking circle on the map, and will also give you a speed boost while you’re taking that damage. The final revealed perk is Paranoia, which pipes up with an alert to let you know if you’re in an enemy’s crosshairs.

These are, apparently, just some of the perks that will be available in Blackout, but we will probably discover more in the beta, which launches tomorrow for PS4 players and next week on the Xbox One and PC.

Recently, gameplay footage for Blackout was also revealed. Take a look through hereBlack Ops 4 launches on October 12 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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