Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Details on Story Missions, Blackout, and More Leaked

Details about Specialist missions, the battle royale mode, and more have been leaked.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is less than two months away from launch now, but details on several aspects of the game have emerged in a massive leak. The leak comes from a video (which you can view below) uploaded by YouTube channel The Wew Lads, who’ve been known to leak reliable Call of Duty-related info in the past as well.

The most notable details to come out of this leak have been compiled in a Reddit thread as well, which you can take a look at through here. The most notable of this leaked info pertains to Blackout, the battle royale mode, and Specialist missions, which, as you would know, are story-driven missions focussing on different characters.

Apparently, as per datamining reports, Blackout is going to host a total of 100 players per match, which seems to be contrary to earlier reports of 60 players per match. However, the leak also notes that these slots were just used by Treyarch for testing, and the final count may or may not end up changing when the full game launches. Other interesting details on Blackout include the fact that players will be parachuting into the map, true to battle royale fashion, after gliding in on a wingsuit, while the maps will also have structures with doors that need to be manually opened and closed, something players of games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite would be very familiar with.

Additionally, Scavengables, which you might have seen in the Heist mode in the game’s beta, are also going to be included in Blackout. The leak also claims that parts of the map in the Blackout mode will have zombies as well, with one of these areas being Verrückt, but this is something that may not be included in the Blackout beta, which begins in a couple of weeks. Also, notably enough, it seems like Cracked and Array, two maps fans of the original Black Ops would be familiar with, are going to be remastered and integrated into the Blackout map.

There’s also mention of a new mode called “Outboarding”, which seems to serve the purpose of a tutorial mode. Interestingly enough, it features long-time and extremely popular Black Ops characters, Sgt. Frank Woods, and Viktor Reznov. However, the leak says that this mode might not be in the final game, and might have been removed by Treyarch to make way for Specialist Stories Mode.

The leak also goes on to describe these Specialist Stories in some detail- a lot of those details are quite spoiler-y, so I won’t be mentioning them here. You can either watch the video below or head on over to the Reddit thread linked above if you want the spoilers, but here I’ll just be giving the details in a general fashion in order to avoid any possible spoilers.

Characters that are going to be featured in the Specialist missions are Ruin, Firebreak, Recon, Crash, and Seraph. In addition to these, as per the leak, Treyarch have also been working on two more Specialist characters- Spectre, and Reaper. You can get the story-specific details through the link above, as I mentioned, but the leak also mentions that the details within are “small parts of larger missions” and that there’s “much more to each specialist’s mission”.

Additionally, the leak also details two new weapons that might be included in the game. These are a small launcher, which functions on a lock on system, and an assault rifle with “curved iron sights”.

It should be noted that, as with all leaks, this is not confirmed or official at all. The Wew Lads have leaked stuff reliably in the past, but even so, take this with a grain of salt. Either way, we’ll know for sure just how much truth there is to this leak ourselves when Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on October 12 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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