Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Latest Update Brings Changes In Blackout Player Count

Blackout Duos’ player count has been increased, while that of Quads has been reduced.

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When the player count in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout, was increased from its initial 80 to 88, Treyarch made it clear that none of the figures were set in stone, and based on all the data that they gather and any feedback they receive from players, they’d be changing several things in the future, player count included.

As part of their latest update, which Treyarch detailed over at Reddit, the player count in Blackout has been changed once again. While the solo Blackout mode remains unaffected, player count in Duos matches has been increased to 100, while player count for Quads matches has been brought down from 100 to 88.

About the change made to the player count in Quads Blackout and why the number was reduced, Treyarch wrote, “We’re continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes.”

In addition to this, the update also brings several stability improvements, UI tweaks, and bug fixes. Several stability improvements are also exclusive to the game’s PC version, most of which seem to be resolving issues related to crashes. You can get the full patch notes below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches five days back, and has gone on to do tremendously well since then. It debuted at the top of UK charts, and even though it saw a drop in physical sales, it managed to set a record for the series in terms of launch day digital sales. Be sure to read our review of Black Ops 4 to get our thoughts on Treyarch’s latest.


  • General

    • General stability improvements and crash fixes.

    • The Featured playlist tiles for Multiplayer and Blackout have changed today. This is part of the regular rotation of Featured playlists – more details to come on how Featured playlists will work in Black Ops 4 in a separate update.

  • Blackout

    • 100-Player Duos

      • 100-Players Duos is now the Featured playlist for Blackout.

    • 88-Player Quads

      • Quads playlist is now 88 maximum players. We’re continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes.

  • Multiplayer

    • Playlist Updates

      • TDM playlist now supports parties of 6 (was previously 5).

      • Featured playlist changed to Heist.

    • Custom Games

      • Custom Search and Destroy games will now correctly conclude after one team wins 6 rounds total, fixing an issue where custom games previously ended at round 7.

    • Miscellaneous

      • Addressed a crash caused by earning multiple Medals in a match.

  • Zombies

    • Addressed a UI error caused by losing Internet connection in split screen.

  • PC Stability Improvements

    • Fixed a crash occurring during initial boot of the game for some users.

    • Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a Blackout match.

    • Fixed a crash occurring when multiple windows were broken simultaneously in a Blackout match.

    • Fixed a crash when browsing unlockable Items.

    • Fixed crashes occurring when changing texture quality.

    • Improved handling of “Out of Memory” errors.

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