Code Vein Guide – How To Level Up Faster And Get The Best Ending

Grind out Haze quickly and find out how to get the true ending.

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Bandai Namco’s Code Vein is a Souls-like, which means you’ll be gathering XP and leveling up. In this case, you’re after Haze and can rest at Mistles to level up and recover health. Enemies will respawn just like in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Leveling up confers benefits to your overall stats and Blood Code requirements but how do you quickly gather Haze?

Locating shards that give Haze and selling off gear is helpful. However if you get the Mercury Blood Code early on – found on Survivor Vestige 2 in the Ashen Cave – it grants a bonus to the amount of Haze that slain enemies drop. You might also want to head to the Depths to grind out Haze – just speak to Davis to access it. It’s also important to note that if you die and lose Haze but don’t want to go back and recover it, head to the Hot Spring instead. This lets you recover half of the amount for no effort.

When leveling up, it’s important to understand how each Code works. Choose the Code whose stats fit the weapon you want to use and allocate points to that stat. The Code also has four passive slots which can help certain stats scale higher. If a weapon scales off of Strength, then put more points into Strength. If you want to deal more damage with Gifts, invest in the Mind stat. Increase Vitality for more health and physical damage reduction and so on.

How to Get The Good Ending

As you’d expect, there are multiple endings in Code Vein. These are “Heirs”, the bad ending; “To Eternity”, the neutral ending; and “Dweller in the Dark”, the good ending (which is the true canon). The endings are dependent on the number of Successors saved, which itself depends on the Vestiges located before each of their boss fights. If you kill all the Successors and don’t restore them with the Vestiges, this will guarantee the bad ending. The neutral ending is dependent on saving at least one Successor.

The best ending occurs when saving all of the Successors so search each of their areas carefully for the Vestiges. For the Successor of the Ribcage, search the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. The Successor of the Breath’s Vestiges can be found in the Ridge of Frozen Souls. The City of Falling Flame contains the Vestiges for the Successor of the Claw. Finally, you can locate the Successor of the Throat’s Vestiges in Crown of Sand. Make sure to explore the Provisional Government Center for any other Vestiges.

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