Control Developer Talks About the Game’s Metroidvania-Style Exploration

Control has a much greater emphasis on exploration than past Remedy titles, as per director of communications Thomas Puha.

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Remedy Entertainment-developed games have always focused first and foremost on narrative before anything else, and are usually very linear and guided experiences. Their upcoming Control, however, is taking a different approach- though characters and story are still very much an emphasis, the game is also much less linear and has a lot more room for exploration.

That exploration follows the metroidvania design philosophy, presented players with a single, interconnected map, and allowing them to go back to previously inaccessible areas with newly discovered powers and abilities. It’s a tried and true style of game design, and one that has endured over the years, and delivered some of the best games ever made- seeing it implemented in Control is especially exciting.

Recently, while speaking with Wccftech, Remedy’s director of communications, Thomas Puha, spoke about how metroidvania-style level design is adapted in Control, and what players can expect to see from it.

“So the Oldest House is really kind of like a large, interconnected space,” said Puha. “There are several different sectors and the deeper you go into the building, the stranger it gets because there are other dimensions that seep into this place of power, which the Oldest House is. And as you unlock the abilities, throughout the main campaign, you might early on be in a certain location and see there’s doors and areas that it looks like you should be able to grow but you just can’t yet.

“Later, you’ll get something, and you’ll say; ‘maybe I should go back,’ and a whole new area opens up and you explore. That is at the heart of Metroidvania, and there’s all the gear that you can find. You can equip mods on weapons, and character abilities, you’re going to really have to go and explore and fight some of the toughest enemies around, to get the best mods and resources. So there is a lot of exploration in the game.”

Recently, Remedy Entertainment released a development diary for Control, speaking about the game’s dynamic, systems-based gameplay and reactive environments. Take a look through here. You can also check out its latest gameplay trailer to get a look at its weapons and abilities.

Control is out on August 27 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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