Control Guide: How to Unlock and Upgrade Abilities, HRA Machine Punch Card Puzzle Solution

Take a closer look at abilities in Control and what they can do.

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Keeping in line with its Metroidvania trappings, Remedy’s Control has you leveling up and earning new abilities. You’ll receive ability points by completing main missions and side missions throughout the game. Make sure you backtrack often and use your abilities to uncover new areas.

Upgrading abilities is fairly easy. Just look for the nearest Control Point, check your unlocked abilities and spend the ability points there. Control Points also act as save points so you shouldn’t be too far from one.

From the outset, Jesse will have the ability to grasp and launch objects at her enemies. She can also use a powerful psychic blast as a melee attack, which has a decent area of effect to damage nearby foes. The melee is also useful for damaging the environment, in case total anarchy is what you’re after.

Here are some of the other abilities that can be learned throughout the game:

Melee: You will automatically unlock this in your normal playthrough.

Evade: Dash in any direction along with crossing chasms (simply chain together dashes in mid-air). The Evade is incredibly useful when under fire since it can dodge most projectile attacks. You will automatically unlock this in your normal playthrough.

Shield: Blocks damage. When progressing past the NSC Power Plant and hitting Central Maintenance, you’ll find an area accessible from finishing “A Good Defense”. The Shield ability is earned by defeating the Object of Power present.

Seize: Brain-washing enemies with psychic abilities? Heck yes! Seize works on enemies with low health but you’ll need to upgrade it for manipulating larger numbers of foes for longer periods of time.

Levitate: Some gaps are impossible to traverse even when chaining several Evades together. Levitate comes in handy – it lets you jump high into the air and then descend slowly. It doesn’t consume energy and can be especially useful in combat for gaining a vantage point on enemies. Levitate is earned from defeating Salvador – interact with the Object of Power and complete the Astral Plane with the ability.

HRA Machine Punch Card Puzzle Solution:

Below you will find a video that explains how you can solve the HRA Machine Punch Card puzzle.

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