Crackdown 3 Guide – Where To Find Agent DNA Orbs, Prisoner Hardpoints And How To Level Up Abilities

Get ready to crack down your enemies in Crackdown 3 using our guide!

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Crackdown 3 is now available and even though critical reception has been rather lukewarm, there is still a bit of fun to be had here. In this guide we are going to take a look at the locations of 15 Agent DNA Orbs, Prisoner Hardpoints and the various abilities along with how you can upgrade them. Let’s get started!

All Prisoner Hardpoint Locations in Crackdown 3:

There are 12 Hardpoint Locations in the game. You can find the entire list below:

Khan’s Scar       

  • The first one is near the monorail station.
  • The second one is towards the eastern side.
  • This third one is near New Pantheon.


  • The first and second one is near the hexagon buildings.
  • This third one is near The Exchange.
  • This is towards the north and near the monorail track.

Central Shade   

  • This is towards the west and near the shoreline.

The Vision

  • The Prison in the southern area.

Ashwood Marina            

  • The Prison in the western area.

Oasis Precinct   

  • This is below the propaganda tower.

Zangado’s Breath

  • This is towards the west of Zangado’s Breath.

All Agent DNA Orbs Locations:

The game has 21 agents, six of which are unlocked from the beginning. So you need to find the remaining 15 Agent DNAs to unlock them. These 15 Agents are:

  • Walker
  • Gadise
  • Ramos
  • Anderson
  • Nikias
  • Hicks
  • Varma
  • Bartrom
  • Lazar
  • Petrov
  • Schmidt
  • Marshal
  • Baresi
  • Cuan
  • Mensah

The video guide below will show you all of their locations:

All Skills In Crackdown 3 And How To Level Them Up:

The Skills/Abilities in Crackdown 3 are divided into Explosives, Agility, Driving, Firearms, and Strength categories. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Explosive Skills:

How To Level Up: Blow up things using your Homing Rocket launcher.

  • Level 0: Demolition
  • Level 1: Bag o’Tricks
  • Level 2: Limpet Grenade
  • Level 3: Rocket Rack
  • Level 4: Big Bag o’Tricks
  • Level 5: Singularity Grenade
  • Level 6: Apocalypse

Agility Skills:

How To Level Up: Try and find as many as Agility Orbs as you can.

  • Level 0: Combat Roll
  • Level 1: Boosters
  • Level 2: Air Dash
  • Level 3: Agency Launch Pad
  • Level 4: Double Dash
  • Level 5: Triple Jump
  • Level 6: Escape Velocity

Firearm Skills:

How To Level: Take down as many enemies as you can.

  • Level 0: Armed And Dangerous
  • Level 1: Deadeye
  • Level 2: Ammo Pack
  • Level 3: Vortex Cannon
  • Level 4: Agency Ammo Field
  • Level 5: Graviton Tether
  • Level 6: Damocles Rounds

Driving Skills:

How To Level Up: Participate in races and collect the Stunt Rings Orbs.

  • Level 0: Vehicle Requisition
  • Level 1: Agency Lightning, Delivery on Demand And Ejector Seat
  • Level 2: Agency Spider
  • Level 3: Self-Destruct
  • Level 4: Agency Minotaur
  • Level 5: Mean Machine

Strength Skills:

How To Level Up: Try and punch as many enemies as you can.

  • Level 0: Grab
  • Level 1: Energy Grip
  • Level 2: Ground Pound
  • Level 3: Flying Fist
  • Level 4: Resilience
  • Level 5: Graviton Gloves
  • Level 6: Boomfist

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