Cyberpunk 2077 Info Blowout – Street Stories, Weapons, Cyberware, and More

CDPR releases tons of new details on the upcoming RPG.

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CD Projekt RED recently unveiled a new fifteen minute gameplay deep dive for their hotly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, and though there was plenty to unpack in that video even on its own, members of the development team also sat down afterward for a Q&A session, in which they revealed some more interesting new details about the game and many of its systems and mechanics.

The thing that we’ve learned the most about through the Q&A is the game’s weapons. Cyberpunk 2077 divides guns into three categories- smart, tech, and power. Different guns and weapons are manufactured by different manufacturers, and each of these manufacturers has its own unique lore and backstory. Some weapons are designed specifically to design cyberware, while others suit other purposes, such as one that increases its rate of fire the longer you shoot it, as well as a shotgun that has eight barrels. Many of these weapons also have secondary firing modes.

Spending more time using a particular gun also means that you get better at using it, which leads to faster reload speeds, better handling, and more, all of which is also reflected visually in the animations. Weapons are also customizable, of course, and these can be both cosmetic, or attachments that improve or change the gun’s performance.

Cyberware is also a huge part of the game and its combat, as you’d expect from a game with a cyberpunk setting, and various cyberware enhancements give you unique advantages. For instance, one cyberware enhances your melee combat, allowing you to perceive everything in slow-motion for a while, while yet another allows you to jump higher. You can even hack into enemies’ cyberware and make them do things to aid you in combat, such as making them pull pins off their grenades while they’re still holding them.

There are also quests know as “street stories” in the game, which are jobs that are given to the player by various “fixers” in different districts of Night City. The developers also ensure that these quests are always properly contextualized in terms of the story and V’s own character- which sounds a lot like the Witcher Contracts in The Witcher 3.

There’s plenty more details to dive into, so take a look at the video below. Cyberpunk 2077 is out on April 16, 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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