Dark Souls 2 Q&A: New Information on Combat, Theme and Graphics

There’s a lot to like and even more to love with From Software’s sequel.

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Speaking to IGN, From Software’s game director for Dark Souls 2 provided a ton of new information on the game.

Firstly, there will be a lot of functionality from Dark Souls carrying over into Dark Souls 2. You’ll be able to light bonfires and there will still be Estus Flasks in the game. Two underlying concepts that carry over into the sequel are the sense of satisfaction in overcoming difficulties and a loose connection with other players in the world.

The director has also talked about not just adding new features but also emphasizing the core concepts of the series and ensuring that new players can fully understand what’s being communicated. So the game isn’t necessarily more “accessible” or dumbed down as it is more clear in the concepts that Dark Souls puts forth.

The gameplay trailer showcased a ton of dragons – they will be a key element to the game’s story.

Dark Souls 2 (3)

Speaking to which, From Software will use the same method of story telling as the original. That is, if you want to know what’s going on, you’re encouraged to keep an eye out for information and small details, and to craft the story as you go along. This is a key element of the Dark Souls series and the developer wants to continue it as a method to immerse gamers.

Another method is by improving the graphics and adding new elements like wind into the game to make the world feel alive.

The HUD for the game featured a ton of new details. What were their functions? According to the game’s director, the HUD is still in development and lot of things are bound to change to a certain extent in the coming days. But they are listening to feedback from players for maximizing usability and understanding of the interface.

In fact, fan feedback is translating across all aspects of the game. This includes the single player, multiplayer and even the New Game+ mode if statements are to be believed.

Dark Souls 2 (1)

As for the combat, it will be similar to the first game so experienced players can immediately get hacking. From Software has a bigger focus on motions this time around, and they’ve implemented extensive motion capture for more natural and realistic movements.

The goal is to allow players to “play with the reactions better” according tot he director.

As for a release date, nothing concrete is available as the game is still in development but more information should be available in the coming months. So stay tuned.

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