Dauntless Guide – How To Level Up Hunt Pass Quickly, Farm Orbs And The Best Weapons

Here’s how to best get into the free to play monster hunting title.

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Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless has been a fairly big success since launching for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you’re bored of Monster Hunter World or just want a new monster-slaying title to get invested in, then it might be worth checking out. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the different weapon types, what they can do and how you’ll go about upgrading them (along with leveling the Hunt Pass).


Sword: The first weapon received when starting the game, the Sword is meant for beginners but can be fairly devastating in its own right. You can move fast and even sever Behemoth tails with them. Its first Special is Valiant Overdrive which increases attack speed and allows for dashing in any direction.

Hammer: A heavy weapon which deals a good amount of damage. Recommended for stunning targets or against Behemoths with armour. If you want to break off monster parts, the Hammer is especially useful. Concussive Salvo lets you load ammo into the hammer and unleash it upon Behemoths, interrupting their attacks.

Chain Blades: These aren’t your typical dual blades. Along with providing increased mobility, Chain Blades let you swing the blades from a distance or attack foes up close. You can actually push off from a Behemoth or pull yourself in with Reaper’s Dance as well.

War Pike: Inflicting both slash and pierce damage, War Pikes can deal wounds to enemies. These will build up a meter that can be spent on firing projectiles at the monster. Concussive Payload is the starting Special and is good for interrupting Behemoths.

Axe: The Axe may seem like your average heavy weapon. However, you need to channel hits and then release them to receive buffs to fully take advantage of it. There are two kinds of Axes – Determination and Resolve. If you perform three channeled vertical or horizontal attacks, you receive a significant damage increase (Determination). If you perform three charged vertical attacks, then you receive immunity to stagger (Resolve). Flight of Ruin is your first Special move – it lets you throw the axe and call it back before finishing in an overhead slash.

Ostian Repeaters: The only dedicated long-range weapon in the game, the Ostian Repeaters can fire from afar, lay down traps and even grant buffs. Similar to the bow-guns of Monster Hunter, they consist of different parts – Barrel, Chamber, Grip and Prism – which can be changed depending on one’s play-style. You’ll need to complete quests to unlock Specials for the Ostian Repeaters.

Some of the best weapons that you can grind for in the game include:

Turmoil of Boreus (Axe): Channeled attacks will create Frost Sprites which add 50 damage to your next attack. This can stack up to four times and also deals some Frost damage.

Destiny of Boreus (Chain Blades): Frost Sprites are generated when using your Special which add 50 damage to your next attack along with some Frost damage. This can stack up to four times.

The Hunger (Sword): When the meter is full, you can activate Feast. This will grant life-steal, attack speed and unleash energy waves with each attack but you take damage over time.

How to Farm Orbs

Orbs are your ticket for upgrading weapons in Dauntless and consist of seven types: Neutral, Umbral, Radiant, Terra, Blaze, Frost and Shock. Each Orb corresponds to a different kind of Behemoth that must be hunted.

You can only begin farming Orbs after hitting Slayer Level 4. Hunting Behemoths isn’t the best, guaranteed way to get Orbs – that’s what Patrols are for. Each provides 10 Orbs and upon completing six Hunt Patrols daily, you’ll receive an additional 10 Orbs. Keep in mind that Patrols could pit you against tough Behemoths so prepare accordingly.

How to Level the Hunt Pass

A new Hunt Pass is offered each season, with the latest being Season 5: Hidden Blades for $10. However, all players receive a free track on the Hunt Pass that can be leveled up. How do you go about garnering XP for levels?

Each level requires 100 XP and you can earn this by completing weekly challenges, hunting Behemoths and picking up collectibles around town. Up to 10 collectibles can be gathered from town each day so spend some time exploring before embarking on a hunt.

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