Demon’s Souls PS5 Guide – How to Quickly Farm Souls, and Best Weapons, Armor and Rings

Level up quickly and obtain some of the best equipment with these tips.

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Demon's Souls

Farming Souls will be key in just about every aspect of Demon’s Souls, whether it’s in the beginning or later on. Souls are required to level up and increase stats, possibly providing an against some bosses. Of course, you might also want increase specific stats to use certain weapons. Keep in mind that more Souls are earned with a Pure Black World Tendency or lower World Tendency.

With that in mind, you’ll want to head to the Tower Knight Archstone. There will be two Blue Eye Knights that can be killed for 500 Souls each. Then head to the tunnel to kill three soldiers with crossbows. Return to the Nexus, then back to this Archstone and repeat for some easy Souls. You can even net some Half Moon Grass for healing.

Another method, which is good for later in the game, is to kill Storm Beasts with charged attacks from the Storm Ruler (earned from beating the Storm King). They give a cool 1270 Souls each. Simply warp to the Old Hero Archstone and then take the right path to find them. To make things easier, use the Thief’s Ring (which is a good all-purpose ring) to be sneaky and the Ring of Avarice for receiving more Souls per slain foe.

Best Armor Sets and Their Locations

There are a variety of different armor sets in the game but some are obviously better than others. Let’s take a look at a few and how to get them.

  • Fluted Armor – Located on the first floor of the Tower of Latria. Near the location of the Prison of Hope West 1F key, look behind some barrels that can be broken. This is also the starting armor set for the Knight and provides a nice amount of defense without completely sacrificing one’s rolling speed. It provides 90 resistance against Normal, Blunt and Piercing damage with a whopping 108.8 defense against Slashing damage. Its lowest resistance is against Poison and Disease at 39 and zero respectively. Overall weight is 29.9 and it can be equipped by both male and female characters.
  • Dark Silver Armor – In the Dirty Colossus Archstone, head to Maiden Astraea via the left walkway. You’ll need to defeat Garl Vinland, the maiden’s bodyguard, to get this armor set. Fight him at range for an easy victory. At 35.1 weight, this armor set is slightly heavier than the Fluted Armor but offers the same resistance to Normal, Blunt, Piercing and Slashing damage with even better resistance to Magic. Again, a pretty good choice for those who want strong defense without completely forgoing their rolling speed (though you might want to upgrade Endurance a bit). It can only be equipped by males.
  • Ancient King Armor – Considered the best armor set in the game, it’s found in Boletarian Palace. You have to travel past the Red Eyed Knight and then fight Old King Doran to obtain it. It boasts 81 resistance to Normal, Blunt and Piercing damage with 97.8 resistance to Slashing damage. Fire and Bleed resistance are also decent at 89 and 60 respectively but the real kicker is that it’s only 20 weight. In terms of strong defense and mobility, this set is well worth getting.
  • Dull Gold Armor – A female-only armor set that can obtained in the Leechmonger Archstone by killing Selen Vinland (but you need Pure White World Tendency to do so). Alternatively, you can also obtain it from a Phosphorescent Slug in the same Archstone. At 25 weight, the Dull Gold Armor provides 83 resistance against Normal, Blunt and Piercing damage with 103.3 resistance against Slashing damage. Magic and Bleed resistance are the next highest stats at 70 and 60 respectively. This is another great set that offers excellent defense without having to deal with slow rolls.

Best Rings and Their Locations

Whether you’re alive or dead, the Eternal Warrior’s Ring is impossible to resist. Along with increasing stamina regeneration rate to 8 points per second, it will also reduce the amount of time required to completely recharge the stamina bar by one second. This applies to you regardless of the armor set equipped – you don’t need me to tell why that’s so useful, especially in split-second situations. It’s dropped by Old King Doran.

Otherwise, while alive, the Thief’s Ring is great since it makes it harder for enemies to detect you. It’s found behind Ostrava in the Boletarian Palace. The Ring of Avarice is also recommended for general farming since it provides 20 percent more Souls from slain foes. It can be found in the Fool’s Idol Archstone below the boss’s tower or purchased from the Once Royal Mistress in Tower of Latria for 50,000 Souls.

The Regenerator’s Ring and Fragrant Ring are also good to have while walking around. The former recovers 4 HP per second and be found either at the Shrine of Storms near the Copper Key’s location or from Sparkly the Crow by trading it the Jade Hair Ornament. The latter recovers 1 MP every four seconds and is found in the Fool’s Idol Archstone in the swamp area, purchased from Patches for 60,000 Souls or from Sparkly the Crow by trading the Brass Telescope. You can also start the game with it by choosing the Royalty class.

Otherwise, after becoming a Soul (aka post-death), the Cling Ring is well worth having. It increases your max HP in this form (providing 75 percent instead of 50 percent of your total max HP), though that depends on the World and Character Tendency. It’s found in the Boletarian Palace near the Blue Eye Knight.

Regardless of being alive or dead, make sure to switch out rings depending on the boss. If a boss primarily relies on magic damage, for example, use the Ring of Magical Dullness for 20 percent increased magic defense (though keep in mind that it reduces your own magic attack power by 40 percent). This is found in the Valley of Defilement or by trading a Phosphorescent Pole to Sparkly the Crow.

Finally, when helping someone out as a Blue Phantom, equip the Ally’s Ring for a whopping 20 percent increased damage overall. This can be obtained by speaking to The Monumental but you must have Pure White Character Tendency. Looking to invade? The Foe’s Ring is a must since it increases all damage by 20 percent as a Black Phantom – pick it up from Mephistopheles after slaying Yuria, the Witch.

Best Weapons and How to Get Them

Once again, while there are numerous weapons in the game, it’s possible to run through with a basic sword and succeed. For the more discerning warriors, these are a few of the best weapons you can find.

  • Uchigatana – The Black Skeletons in the Shrine of Storms have a chance to drop the Uchigatana. It can also be found past the room with the Vanguard Demon boss when heading left. While its durability isn’t incredible, the Uchigatana is fairly quick and deals strong amounts of damage. Upgrade it to scale off Dexterity for even more damage.
  • Claymore – Purchase from the Dregling Merchant or defeat the Blue Eye Knight in Boletarian Palace. The Claymore is ideal for big hits and works well when fighting several enemies at once. Upgrade it to scale off Strength and Dexterity (via the Quality upgrade) to make it do some real work.
  • Northern Regalia – Considered the strongest weapon in the game, the Northern Regalia requires the Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt swords along with the False King’s Demon’s Soul. Most players will likely get it in New Game+ but there is a way to do so on your first playthrough. Check out the video below for more details though be warned of spoilers. Upon obtaining it, the Northern Regalia will scale with your Character Tendency and can’t be enchanted or upgraded. So if you’re Pure White or Pure Black Character Tendency, it can deal the highest amount of weapon damage in the game.

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