Demon’s Souls PS5 Guide – How to Upgrade Weapons, and Best Spells and Miracles

Find out the various ways to upgrade weapons and also the best magic techniques.

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Demon's Souls

Upgrading weapons in the Demon’s Souls remake works a lot like Dark Souls. Collect the required material – with each item having different requirements – and take them to a Blacksmith for upgrading. Boldwin will be your default option since he’s in the Nexus. However, you can also locate Ed in World 2’s Archstone near Stonefang Tunnels.

Let’s look at the basic upgrades, starting with Hardstones. This is used for upgrading weapons like axes, straight swords, halberds and so on up to level 10. It’s divided into four types – Hardstone Shard, Large Hardstone Shard, Hardstone Chunk and Pure Hardstone. There are a number of different places to find them but you can purchase Hardstone Shards and Large Hardstone Shards from the Filthy Man in Stonefang Tunnel near the Archstone. You’ll need to obtain Hardstone Chunks and Pure Hardstones from Crystal Lizards, though the former also drops from the Scale Miners in Stonefang Tunnel and the Armor Spider Archstone.

Sharpstones function in much the same way. They can be used to upgrade daggers, curved swords, spears, claws and so on up to level 10. Their different types include Sharpstone Shard, Large Sharpstone Shard, Sharpstone Chunk and Pure Sharpstone. Sharpstone Shards and Large Sharpstone Shards can also be purchased from the Filthy Man while Sharpstone Chunks and Pure Sharpstone drops from Crystal Lizards (and the former, again, from Scale Miners).

Next up are Clearstones, which are used to provide Quality upgrades to gear up to level 5 after a weapon is upgraded up to +3. Quality Gear provides a balance between Strength and Dexterity with Clearstones divided into Clearstone Shards, Clearstone Chunks and Pure Clearstone. Several Clearstone Shards and Clearstone Chunks can be found in the Armor Spider Archstone with the former also purchasable from the Filthy Man. Pure Clearstone drops from a Crystal Lizard in the Flamelurker Archstone, located next to the second harpoon in the Dragon God fight and as a reward for rescuing Ostrava, of Boletaria.

Greystones bestow the “Crushing” prefix to weapons at +3, which provides a boost to Strength but reduces the bonus provided by Dexterity. Greystone Shards can be acquired from the Scale Miners and the Rock Worm in the Armor Spider Archstone. Greystone Chunks and Pure Greystone drop from the Rock Worm but you can also obtain the latter by meeting Scirvir, the Wanderer and showing the Dragon Bone Smasher. You need Pure White World Tendency for this though.

Next is Bladestone, which bestows the “Sharp” prefix to upgraded weapons and provides a boost to Dexterity but a decreased bonus to Strength. Bladestone Shards drop from Silver Skeletons in the Shrine of Storms, Old Hero Archstone and Adjudicator Archstone. Bladestone Chunks can also drop from Silver Skeletons along with Gold Skeletons and Black Skeletons. However, Pure Bladestone only drops from Black Skeletons in the Adjudicator Archstone.

Mercurystone provides the “Mercury” prefix to weapons with each attack having a chance to inflict Poison damage. Mercurystone Shards can be found from Prisoners in the Tower of Latria along with Man Centipedes and Giant Man Centipedes in the Fool’s Idol and Maneater Archstones. Mercurystone Chunks can only be found from the Centipedes while Pure Mercurystone is only obtainable from the Giant Man Centipedes and the Plague Swamp in the Dirty Colossus Archstone.

Cloudstones are used to enhance shields, increasing their ability to block magic. Cloudstone Shards drop from Storm Beasts in the Shrine of Storms, Adjudicator Archstone and Old Hero Archstone but can also be acquired from Graverobber Blige in the Adjudicator Archstone. Cloudstone Chunks and Pure Cloudstone can only be obtained from Storm Beasts in the above locations but you also receive a Pure Cloudstone from defeating the Storm King.

Spiderstones are used to upgrade bows, strengthening them up to level 5 after the weapon is at +3. Spiderstone Shards and Chunks are dropped by Scale Miners in the Armor Spider Archstone and Crystal Lizards in the Stonefang Tunnel. Pure Spiderstone is also obtained from Crystal Lizards in Stonefang Tunnel but also drops from the Armor Spider boss.

Suckerstones are used to enhance weapons to inflict bleed damage on foes. Suckerstone Shards and Chunks drop only from Phosphorescent Slugs in the Adjudicator and Leechmonger Archstone. You can also find Pure Suckerstones in these locations but there’s one near the Meat Cleave Black Phantom in the Leechmonger Archstone and another in the Plague Swamp in the Dirty Colossus Archstone.

Best Spells and Miracles

Tackling everything with melee weapons is certainly the way in Souls games but there are alternatives. Different spells can provide strong buffs and attacks while Miracles are capable of feats like healing and resurrection. Let’s take a look at the best spells and Miracles in the game, starting with the spells.

  • Cursed Weapon – Obtained by exchanging the Silver Demon’s Soul from the Penetrator with Yuria, the Witch. Grants 50 percent weapon damage over 60 seconds but drains 1 percent of max HP per second. It can only be used with enchantable weapons.
  • Enchant Weapon – Increases damage of right-hand weapon for 60 seconds. Scales off of Magic stat and requires a Catalyst in the left hand. Obtained from Sage Freke, the Visionary and Freke’s Apprentice for 5000 Souls.
  • Homing Soul Arrow – Creates up to five Soul Arrows that will home in on a target. Duration is two minutes. It’s obtained from Sage Freke, the Visionary by exchanging the Golden Demon Soul from the Old Monk.
  • Warding – An upgrade to the Protection Spell, reduces physical damage by 70 percent. Lasts 50 seconds and is obtained by exchanging the Iron Demon Soul from the Tower Knight with Sage Freke, the Visionary.
  • Soul Thirst – Increases number of Souls gained by 50 percent for 30 seconds, which can stack with the Ring of Avarice and Silver Bracelets for some great farming. Obtained from Yuria, the Witch by exchanging the Golden Demon Soul from the Old Monk.
  • Relief – Restores full health and removes any status ailments. Casts instantly and only requires 18 MP. Obtained by trading the Pureblood Demon Soul from Maiden Astraea with Yuria, the Witch.

Now let’s take a look at the best Miracles in the game.

  • Banish – Sends Black Phantoms back to their world. Obtained by exchanging the Golden Demon Soul with Saint Urbain.
  • God’s Wrath – Costs 100 MP but casts instantly and deals tons of damage in a large sphere around the caster. Goes through walls and is further boosted by using the Ring of Sincere Prayer. Obtained by exchanging the Dragon Demon’s Soul with Saint Urbain.
  • Cure – Obtained by trading the Writhing Demon Soul from the Leechmonger with Saint Urbain. Cures any status ailment.
  • Evacuate – Obtained from Disciple of God or Saint Urbain by spending 20,000 Souls. Allows the caster to teleport back to the Nexus while retaining their Souls. Can’t be used when Phantoms are present and despite being instantly cast, it can be interrupted.
  • Recovery – Obtained by exchanging three Colorless Demon’s Souls with Saint Urbain. Based on the player’s Faith stat, it heals a large amount of HP instantly.
  • Second Chance – After casting, it activates on death, reviving the player with 50 percent max HP. You’re not invincible during the revival process though so keep that in mind. Won’t revive any deaths that result from fall damage. Obtained by trading a Hero Demon’s Soul from the Old Hero with Saint Urbain.

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