Destiny 2 Hotfix Fixes One Thousand Voices PvE Damage Buff, Thorn Quest is Live

Progression issues related to Gambit weapons like Breakneck and Malfeasance should also be fixed.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter

Hotfix recently went live for Bungie’s Destiny 2 and it fixes quite a number of issues regarding progression for weapons in Gambit. It also ensures that having One Thousand Voices, The Last Wish raid Exotic, won’t increase PvE damage for all weapons and abilities if equipped in your loadout. Finally, the quest for the popular Destiny 1 Exotic Thorn is also live.

The handcannon will be familiar to PvP fans – it was a menace in Destiny 1 Year 1 thanks to its powerful damage over time ticks. There’s a lengthy quest for Destiny 2 Annual Pass owners to unlock it, which involves completing bounties and playing PvP. When you get Thorn, it will function somewhat differently.

Though it deals damage over time with each shot, the ticks are fairly low. However, killing an enemy drops a green orb. Collect that and the DoT ticks will be ramped up, allowing for two headshots and one bodyshot to kill a Guardian in PvP. We’ll see how this pans out balance-wise but in the meantime, check out the full hotfix notes below.


  • Fixed an issue where weekly bounties were resetting on Sundays instead of the weekly reset on Tuesdays
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumph “The Best Offense,” which awards Oxygen SR3, wasn’t counting the correct number of Orbs of Light generated in strike activities
  • Updated Season 6 information page to properly show Power Surge bounty requirements


  • Fixed an issue where the pursuits for Malfeasance and Breakneck were not progressing as expected in Gambit and Gambit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where various Gambit quests and Bounties were not progressing properly
  • Fixed an issue where Gambit activities may mistakenly report that players’ motes are lost when they defeat an enemy invader
  • Fixed an issue where the “Well Well Well” Medal in Gambit activities would not have a name when it appeared on screen
  • Removed Taken Hobgoblin Primeval from Gambit Prime to prevent an issue where early despawning would cause matches to not end correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Blockers were not spawning on Kell’s Grave and Cathedral of Scars
  • Fixed an issue where Taken Ogres were spawning in the wrong location and getting stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the “Deceived Likeness of Nokris” boss was taking more damage than intended in Gambit Prime
  • Fixed an issue where the “Umbral Strike” perk on the Sentry set would sometimes not properly increase damage against Taken enemies


  • Weekly Gambit Prime bounty completions now unlock Helmet drops for all roles in lower Tiers of Reckoning
  • For example: Completing two Reaper weekly bounties will allow Helmets for Collector, Sentry and Invader to drop from Reckoning Tier 1 encounters
  • Completing three Reaper weekly bounties will allow Helmets for Collector, Sentry, and Invader to drop from Reckoning Tier 2 encounters
  • Tier 3 Helmets for all Roles still require a Weekly Gambit Prime bounty completion in Tier 3
  • Due to an error on our part, Prism will be absent from the Reckoning modifier rotation temporarily
  • We will be restoring Prism and removing Glass from the rotation in the next update


  • Fixed an issue where having One Thousand Voices in your loadout increased PvE damage for other weapons and abilities

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