Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Guide – How to Farm Twisted Energy and Obtain the Forerunner Title

Check out how to level up the Prismatic Recaster and unlock this season’s title.

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Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

Destiny 2’s Season of Arrivals is here and Twisted Energy is the newest currency. You’ll need it for leveling up the Prismatic Recaster, which can confer all kinds of bonuses (including additional Umbral Engrams). How do you get Twisted Energy though?

Leveling through the Season Pass will confer different amounts of Twisted Energy but there’s only 1500 in total to gain. So go to the Prismatic Recaster and pick up the two weekly bounties it offers. These will give you 500 Twisted Energy each. If you have additional characters, you can use them to obtain the weekly bounties again for a total of 3000 Twisted Energy every week.

When you’ve leveled the machine up, head into the Gifts of Light and Dark tab. You can choose an Umbral Gift which will offer bonuses. For example, one gift provides a 5 percent chance for an Umbral Engram earned from a Heroic Contact event turning into a random Focused Umbral Engram. Keep ranking up the Prismatic Recaster to unlock additional gifts.

How to Get the Forerunner Title

While the name will be familiar to Halo players, Forerunner is also the newest title that players can earn this season. You’ll need to complete seven different Triumphs to unlock it though. The Triumphs and their requirements are listed below:

  • Contact Heavy Hitter – Defeat the Taken Monstrosity, Taken Pyromaster and Taken Howler in the Contact public event. Heroic Mode will be required to face them.
  • Contact Destinations – Complete the Contact public event on Io and Titan.
  • Interference Loop – First, you need access to the Interference mission which is available weekly. During the mission, you’ll come across one of three random encounters – the Relic Encounter, the Ritual Encounter and the Crystal Encounter. You need to complete each of these so keep checking back each week to see which is available.
  • Advanced Dredgen Focus – Create a Lean Focused and Contrast Focused Dredgen Umbral Engram.
  • Advanced Pyramid Focus – Create an Arrival Focused, Rifle Focused and Edge Focused Pyramid Umbral Engram.
  • Advanced Armor Focus – Create an Intellect Focused, Discipline Focused, Recovery Focused, Strength Focused, Mobility Focused and Resilience Focused Armor Umbral Engram.
  • Mod Collector – Collect all 12 seasonal mods.
  • Gift Rank Upgrade – Acquire all 21 Umbral Gifts from the Prismatic Recaster.
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