Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Guide: How to Earn the Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon

The quest to unlock the latest Exotic quest is long and rife with challenges.

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Destiny 2 Lumina

The Lumina is the latest Exotic hand cannon added to Destiny 2. It’s only available for Annual Pass owners and part of Season of Opulence. The weapon itself evolves from the Rose, which also served as the base for Thorn. But how do you find it?

First, you need to go back to Trostland in the European Dead Zone. Start near Devrim Kay and navigate to the Salt Mines – look for a sign that says “Salzwerk” and go straight. One you reach the mines, look for the broken elevator. There’s a teleporter next to it – interact with it and you’ll be sent outside. Walk up the hill until you encounter some guard rails on the left (a barrier created by the Fallen will be on the right).

There’s a small ledge you can barely fit on past the guard rails. Walk on that and eventually, you’ll find a campsite with a chest. Open the chest to receive a letter from none other than Shin Malphur. The Exotic Quest will start and you must locate Rose.

To find Rose, you have to go to the Lost Sector specified in the letter. Funny thing though – the Lost Sector location changes every hour. Once in the correct Lost Sector, look for a chest with rose designs to initiate the next step.

Now you need to generate 250 Orbs of Light. An easy way to do this is by heading to the Blind Well Tier 3 in the Dreaming City (ideally with a fireteam). If you have some Masterwork weapons as well, even better.

You’ll receive Rose upon collecting the Orbs. You now have three objectives to complete: Get 50,000 points in a Nightfall (Match Game and Grounded will work best as modifiers); 35 Points in Escalation Protocol, Blind Well or Black Armory Forges (with Heroic Blind Well being the best); and get 100 kills without reloading. Each objective will provide a different perk to Rose.

After this, you’ll have to head into Crucible for some PvP, earning kills with hand cannons, gathering 50 Orbs of Light and – perhaps the most annoying – killing an Invader in Gambit before they kill anyone on your team. Mercifully, the third step only requires killing one Invader. Truth, Izanagi’s Burden and other weapons that can kill quickly will be ideal but make sure your team isn’t bunched up together or exposed when an Invader is present.

Finally, it’s time to head into the Will of the Thousands Strike. There will be 11 crystals scattered throughout – they must be shot with Rose. Get to the end of the Strike, kill Xol and you’ll be rewarded with the Exotic hand cannon Lumina.

Along with three perks – Chambered Compensator, Accurized Rounds and Polymer Grip – Lumina has two unique perks. These are Noble Rounds and Blessing of the Sky. Killing enemies creates Remnants – pick these up to turn your next hip-fired shot into an ally-seeking Noble Round and partially refill the magazine. Blessing of the Sky is bestowed when an ally is shot with a Noble Round, healing them and granting a damage bonus to both of you for a few seconds.

Though it can regenerate a large amount of an ally’s health, Blessing of the Sky’s damage bonus doesn’t stack with other damage-buffing effects like Empowering Rift or Well of Radiance. Still, it’s fun to play around with and you can retrieve a Masterwork, Legendary version of Rose from the Collections once the quest is complete.

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