Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Guide – How To Complete The Garden of Salvation Raid

Here's how to claim victory in the Black Garden once more.

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The Garden of Salvation is Bungie’s latest raid for Destiny 2, accessible only by purchasing the Shadowkeep expansion. Going in with a Power level of 920 is recommended and you’re going to want some Seasonal Artifact mods – like Anti-Barrier Rounds and Overload Rounds – unlocked. Carry a good add-clearing weapon like Recluse, Huckleberry or Riskrunner along with a heavy damage-dealing sniper like Izanagi’s Burden. The Wendigo GL-3 and 21% Delirium are great Heavy weapons so bring those as well.

Chase the Consecrated Mind

The first encounter sees you tethering players together to unlock the Vex gate. One person needs to shoot the cube and then tether to the nearest player. You’ll know when the connection is strong if the tether is glowing white – it turns red when it’s weak or about to break. Tether everyone to open the gate on the right.

One team of three players will stay with the boss – who can’t be damaged right now so don’t bother – while another team of three goes through the door. The first team will pick up the Voltaic Overflow that the boss shoots out. Only one Overflow should be picked up per player. The second team will proceed through to the next gate, killing enemies. Overload Champions will appear that require Overload Rounds to defeat so have those handy. Eventually, a Vex Hydra called The Angelic will spawn. Kill it to summon another cube. Shoot the cube and tether between the players to unlock the next gate.

At this point, the Consecrated Mind will move up to the next arena. The second team must now collect Voltaic Overflow while the first team goes through to the next area. Repeat the same process of killing The Angelic in the next area, though make note of how many cubes must be shot and tethered to open the gate.

Once the gate is opened, the boss will teleport into the final chamber. Both teams must regroup and move past the enemies while the boss fires Voltaic Overflows. Each team member must pick up one each and keep moving forward. Eventually, the boss will run and that’s the first encounter complete.

Platforming Section #1

There’s not much to say – this is a platforming section where the flower buds can be shot to create platforms. Pillars will emerge from the walls at certain points to knock you off. If you’re bad at platforming, send one or two players ahead and have them pull you forward.

Draw Out the Consecrated Mind

It’s Conflux defense time! Unlike Vault of Glass, you’re not all defending one, then two, then three Confluxes while close to each other. No, you have to defend four Confluxes arranged in four corners of the map at the same time.

Assign one player to each Conflux while two players float around the map. The reason for this is simple: An Angelic will spawn and unlocks a tether cube once killed. With one player at a Conflux and another helping to tether, the Enlightened buff will be given to the defender. This is necessary for killing enemies with white shields because otherwise, they’re invulnerable. The buff lasts for 45 seconds so basically, the two floaters need to move around the area, helping each Conflux’s defender tether to the cube and receive the buff.

Vex Portals will open every time the Enlightened buff is granted so don’t worry about moving around quick if you’re a floater. Once the four Confluxes have been defended enough, a central Conflux will open at the center. Gather at the center, kill The Angelic, tether everyone to the cube to grant the Enlightened buff and lay waste to the remaining foes. Again, don’t let the Vex get absorbed into the Conflux. Once the defense is done, another raid chest is available as your reward.

Battle the Consecrated Mind

It’s finally time to kill the Consecrated Mind. There’s a tether cube that’s required to summon the boss so get all six players together to unlock it. The boss will appear at the center – don’t stand in the center. The boss can immediately kill you by spawning in.

This encounter is a little more complex but the basic principle is the same. Split into two teams of three players – the first team stays in the middle while the second team chases the boss. The boss will go in one of four directions – the second team must chase it with one player picking up the Voltaic Overflow that it shoots out upon stopping.

The person who picks up the Overflow will get Detained. At this point, the boss will flash three red eyes, which can either be three red in the inner part or three red on the outer part. The Detained player must call out which ones to shoot and the other two players must shoot them. Do this correctly and the Detained player will live.

Meanwhile, in the middle, the first team will be collecting Motes. One Guardian will defend the Conflux while the other two will kill Vex Minotaurs to pick up Motes and deposit them into the Conflux. Depositing five Motes gives the Enlightened buff which you’ll once again need to kill invulnerable enemies. Deposit 30 Motes in total and the boss will make its way to the center – it can now be damaged so make sure everyone focuses fire on its giant red eye.

After the damage phase is done, repeat the entire process again to take down the Consecrated Mind and earn another raid chest.

Platforming Section #2

More platforming awaits and while this section is more complex, players can still be pulled ahead by their teammates (though it seems you’ll need more than one player to do it). Take your time to explore since there’s a hidden raid chest here.

Defeat the Sanctified Mind

You’re now at the final boss and it can be complicated as heck, even if you understand everything. First, split into three teams of two Guardians each. One team is in charge of the Red Conflux while the other is in charge of the Blue Conflux. Both Confluxes will change positions during the battle so keep that in mind. The third team will fight off enemies including the Cyclopes that can spawn on either side of the boss.

For the other teams, they need to kill The Angelic that spawns. This will create two lights on the boss, one red and one blue. Shooting the red light will open a red portal – entering inside, the Red Conflux team must collect Red Motes. These are to be deposited at their Conflux. The same goes for the blue light – shoot it to open a blue portal, after which the Blue Conflux team goes inside to collect Blue Motes.

When both Red and Blue Conflux teams have deposited their respective Motes, they’ll receive Enlightened buffs. These must be used to take down shielded enemies in the arena. Also, the third team must note that every time a light on the boss is shot, a Cyclops will spawn. Kill it quickly, lest it one-shot your teammates. Shooting off a light will cause a section of the stage to disappear but this can be repaired by tethering to the cube from the Conflux. Repairing sections by tethering will be the job of the third team.

Once a Conflux has 30 Motes, a notification will tell you that “The Tether is pulsing with Dark Energy.” Both Confluxes must have 30 Motes each. Once this is done, a Blue or Red cube will spawn.

Tether to it from the matching Conflux – this will make the boss vulnerable. Do enough damage and it will float up to expose its critical spot. At this point, use the other Conflux to tether onto the boss and stun it again for a longer damage phase. Repeat the whole process and the Sanctified Mind should be dead in no time.

For more tips and a detailed video walkthrough, check out Datto’s video guide below.

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