Destiny 2 Update 2.7.0 is Now Live With New Strike Modifiers and Weapon Buffs

The Season of Dawn has begun with new items, the Sundial activity, and much more available.

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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is now live, adding a new seasonal activity in the Sundial, new Seasonal Ranks and Exotics to earn. It also sees the release of update 2.7.0 which buffs different weapons, removes some Strike from The Ordeal and fixes a number of bugs. This is the same update that sees Recluse nerfed and the Xenophage buffed.

For those grinding away in the Nightfall: The Ordeal, it now has three new Strikes focused on the Cabal. Two new Cabal modifiers and three new Strike-specific modifiers are also available. Some fixes are also live for the Pit of Heresy, Altar of Sorrow and Garden of Salvation raid.

The update also introduces the ability to execute a random finisher on a foe, with up to nine that can be marked as your favourite at a time. While the content seems fairly bare right now, Season of Dawn will continue to drip-feed new activities and story content over the next few months. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime and check out some of the patch notes below.


Nightfall: The Ordeal

  • Cabal invade The Ordeal – three new strikes added to The Ordeal lineup, and removed three of the Season 8 strikes
  • Added two new Cabal modifiers, and three new strike-specific modifiers
  • Added Cabal modifiers to rotation
  • Vehicles now give Nightfall score for both Nightfall and The Ordeal
  • Fixed up the tooltip name for The Scarlet Keep on Legend difficulty


  • Fixed an issue where Savathun’s Song did not count toward Vanguard Weekly Hive Boss kill bounty
  • The Vanguard Strikes weekly challenge description now correctly tells players to complete Vanguard Strikes while matching the weekly singe element
  • The objective line will continue to still say “0/3 Bounties” until Destiny 2 Update 2.7.1

Raids and Dungeons

Altars of Sorrow

  • Fixed an issue where if the boss phase timed out while the boss was immune, 2 Nightmares would spawn at another Altar location before the Tier 5 waves started again

Pit of Heresy

  • Fixed an issue where the dungeon incorrectly showed a pinnacle reward challenge for players who have already completed the challenge on a different character of the same class

Garden of Salvation

  • Fixed an issue where players could survive Voltaic Overflow while guarding as a Sentinel Titan or Arcstrider Hunter
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