Digital Game Sales In Europe See Huge Spike In 2019

The times, they are a’changing.

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Things change. It’s something we all must struggle against or embrace, but ultimately accept one way or another. The world, as a whole, is seeing a massive degree of change, and how we consume our entertainment is no different. In 2019, we’ve seen a huge spike in digital sales, and Europe especially has seen a huge shift.

We reported on how different the digital and physical sales charts looked in the UK, and it seems that’s being replicated to some degree all through Europe. As GamesIndustry reports, it’s almost startling to see how much the shift has been in just a year’s time. In fact, digital sales are on the verge of outright overtaking physical sales entirely. That’s already happened in the Nordics, where 66% of sales for AAA titles are now digital. You can check out the chart breakdown below.

Digital has risen pretty quickly over the last few years in all forms of entertainment. While physical will doubtfully vanish anytime soon, it’s not hard to see a future where digital is the more preferred method for most casual consumers.

Q1 2019:

Country Overall Q1 Sales Digital Q1 Sales Physical Q1 Sales Digitsation
Benelux 412,825 178,785 234,040 43%
France 851,234 401,013 450,221 47%
GSA* 1,355,423 673,357 682,066 50%
Iberia 634,006 219,747 414,259 35%
Italy 494,339 163,954 330,385 33%
Nordics 372,701 247,363 125,338 66%
UK and Ireland 1,360,942 761,333 599,609 56%

Q1 2018:

Country Overall Q1 Sales Digital Q1 Sales Physical Q1 Sales Digitsation
Benelux 473,285 156,889 316.396 33%
France 1,392,256 433,216 959,040 31%
GSA* 1,754,677 711,481 1,043,196 41%
Iberia 775,450 204,307 571,143 26%
Italy 622,060 156,275 465,785 25%
Nordics 469,733 250,836 218.897 53%

*GSA – Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

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