Divinity Original Sin Mega Guide: Crafting, Level Up Faster, Key Locations, Money And More

A complete guide for Divinity Original Sin.

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Divinity Original Sin Mega Guide: Crafting, Level Up Faster, Key Locations, Money And More

Divinity Original Sin is a deep single and multi-player role playing game taking place in a fantasy setting. Using this guide you will be able to know all about crafting, blacksmith, weapons and food portions.

Furthermore you will also come across tips and tricks to build one of the strongest characters for the game, item farming, Skill Book Merchants locations, Blood Stone/Star Stone locations, farm orange legendary items, make money quickly, level up faster, gear sharing, Weresheep location, Bellegar’s Puzzle/Maze solution, Luculla Mines location, several key locations and more. And lastly, we also have a hand achievements guide.

Divinity Original Sin is developed and published by Larian Studios and is now available for the PC.

Crafting Guide:

Below is the complete guide for crafting armors, weapons, arrows and much more. This guide was prepared by Reddit user Ashidoku.

Pumpkin Helmet = Knife + Pumpkin
Metal armor = Leather armor + Metal scraps
Scale armor = Leather armor + Scale scraps
Cloth Armor = Cloth Scraps +Needle & Thread
Blue Cloth Armor = Cloth Scraps + Magic Needle & Thread
Leathery Boots = Scrap of Leather + Anvil
Metalic Boots = Scrap of Metal + Anvil
Wooden Shield = Barrel Lid + Rope
Steel Shield = Wooden Shield + Scrap of Metal

Crossbow = Branch + Iron Bar
Hand Axe = Anvil + Steel Bar
Shortbow = Branch + Bow String
Short Sword = Iron Bar + Anvil
Spear = Branch + Dagger
Staff = Branch + Branch
Stake = Log + Dagger
Nail Fortified Branch = Branch + Nine Inch Nails

Most Iron Weapons can be forged back into Iron / Steel Bars, which can be more profitable than selling them.

Arrow Shaft (x3) = Branch + Knife
Stunning Arrowhead = Tooth + Knife
Knockdown Arrowhead = Antler + Knife
Poison Arrowhead = Arrowhead + Ooze Barrel
Poison Arrowhead = Arrowhead + Poison
Silver Arrowheads (x4) = Silver + Anvil
Slow Arrowhead = Oil Barrel + Arrowhead
Steam Arrowhead = Water Resistance Potion + Arrowhead

Belts, Amulets, and Rings
Earie Eye = Pouch Pixie Dust + Eye
Magic Feather = Pouch Pixie Dust + Feather
Magic Claw = Pouch Pixie Dust + Claw
Magic Rat Tail = Pouch Pixie Dust + Rat Tail
Magic Starfish = Pouch Pixie Dust + Starfish
Magic Tusk = Pouch Pixie Dust + Tusk
Magic Tooth = Pixie Dust + Tooth

Chicken Amulet (Initiative +1) = Thread + Magical Chicken Claw
Claw Amulet (Strength +1?) = Thread + Magic Claw
Feather Amulet (Dexterity +1) = Thread + Magic Feather
Rabbit Paw Amulet (Lucky Charm +1) = Thread + Magical Rabbit Paw
Rat Tail Amulet (Poison Resistence +5%) = Thread + Magic Rat Tail
Skull Amulet (Intelligence +1) = Thread + Magical Skull
Starfish Amulet (Health +20) = Thread + Magical Starfish
Tusk Amulet (Loremaster +1) = Thread + Magic Tusk
Third Eye Amulet (Perception +1) = Thread + Earie Eye
Magical Tooth Amulet (Charisma + 1) = Thread + Magical Tooth

Chicken Belt (Initiative +1) = Rope + Magical Chicken Claw
Claw Belt (Strength +1) = Rope + Magic Claw
Feather Belt (Initiative +1) = Rope + Magic Feather
Rabbit Paw Belt (Lucky Charm +1) = Rope + Magical Rabbit Paw
Rat Tail Belt (Poison Resistence +5%) = Rope + Magic Rat Tail
Skull Belt (Constitution +1) = Rope + Magical Skull
Tusk Belt (Body Building +1) = Rope + Magic Tusk
Tooth Belt (Charisma +1) = Rope + Magic Tooth

Chicken Ring (Movement +0.26) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magical Chicken Claw
Claw Ring (Strength +1?) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magic Claw
Feather Ring (Telekinesis +1) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magic Feather
Rabbit Paw Ring (Speed +1) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magical Rabbit Paw
Rat Tail Ring (Poison Resistence +5%) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magic Rat Tail
Skull Ring (Constitution +1) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magical Skull
Tusk Ring (Poison Resistence +5%) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magic Tusk
Tooth Ring (Charisma +1) = Jeweller’s Kit: Ring + Magic Tooth

Bonedust = Bone + Mortar and Pestle
Bonedust = Skull + Mortar and Pestle
Moondust = Moonstone + Mortar and Pestle
Stardust = Stardust Plant + Mortar and Pestle
Pouch of Pixie Dust = Bonedust + Stardust

Crafting Materials
Branches (x2) (+ Wood Chips) = Axe + Log
Wood Chips (+ Branches (x2)) = Axe + Log
Thread = Length of Hair + Length of Hair
Thread and Needle = Thread + Needle
Magic Needle & Thread = Needle & Thread + Pixie Dust
Bow String = Sinew + Sinew
Iron Bar = Iron Ore + Furnace
Silver Bar = Silver Ore +Furnace
Steel Bar = Iron Bar + Furnace
Rope = Wool Yarn + Wool Yarn
Quil = Feather + Knive
Ink Pot and Quill = Pot of Ink + Quill
Magical Ink Pot and Quill = Ink Pot and Quill + Pouch of Magic Dust
Feather = Knive + Pillow
Mush of Wood = Wood Chips + Water Barell
Sheet of Paper = Mush of Wood + Oven

Lockpicks = Needle + Needle
Lockpicks = Hammer + Nine Inch Nails

Hot Rivellon Fries = Serving of Cold Fries + Boiling Pot
Serving of Cold Fries = Potato + Knife
Apple Dough = Apple + Dough
Water Bucket = Empty Bucket + Water Barrel
Boiled Potato = Potato + Boiling Pot
Honey Jar = Empty Jar + Beehive
Porridge = Wheat + Cup of Milk
Porridge with Potato = Potato + Cup of Milk
Flour = Wheat + Mortar and Pestle
Pizza Sauce = Tomato + Hammer
Pizza Dough = Dough + Pizza Sauce
Juicy Pizza = Pizza Dough + Oven
Honey Milk Cup = Honey Jar + Cup of Milk
Dough = Sack of floor + Cup of water
Poison Cheese = Cheese + Ooze Barrel

Air Resistance Potion = Jellyroom + Empty Potion
Fire Resistance Potion = Guepinia Mushroom + Empty Potion
Water Resistance Potion = Bluegill Mushroom + Empty Potion
Earth Resistance Potion = Earth Tongue Mushroom + Empty Potion
Poison Resistance Potion = Minor Healing Potion + Plant of Drudanae
Minor Resist-All Potion = Earth Resistance Potion + Fire Resistance Potion
Minor Resist-All Potion = Earth Resistance Potion + Air Resistance Potion

Poison = Empty Potion + Not-So-Friendly Mushroom
Poison = Empty Potion + Rotten Eggs
Minor Healing Potion = Empty Potion + Friendly Mushroom
Armor Boosting Potion = Minor Healing Potion + Plant of Whisperwood
Reasoning Potion = Minor Healing Potion + Stardust Plant
“Better Potion” = “Potion” + Augmentor (this works with most potions in the game)

Scrolls & Books(Crafting 5+ Needed for Books)
“Blank Elemental Scroll” (like Blank Air Scroll) = Sheet of Paper + Pixie Dust
“Elemental Scroll” = “Blank Elemental Scroll” + Magic Inkpot and Quill
Empty Earth Skill Book = Blank Earth Scroll + Blank Earth Scroll
Empty Fire Skill Book = Blank Fire Scroll + Blank Fire Scroll
Empty Air Skill Book = Blank Air Scroll + Blank Air Scroll
Empty Water Skill Book = Blank Water Scroll + Blank Water Scroll
Skill Book = Blank Skill Book + Scroll of Choice

Boosted Armor = (Heavy)Armor + Anvil
This removes the movement penalties from most Heavy Armors!
Boosted Weapon = (Melee)Weapon + Whetstone Wheel
Boosted Mace = Mace + Moonstone
This Increases the damage of melee weapons!
Boosted Value = Armor + Pearl

Crafting 5+
Add Weapon Elemental Damage = Weapon + (Element of Choice) Essence
Add +1 Str, +1 Dex to Weapon = Weapon + Tormented Soul
Boosted Resistances = Armor + Ruby

Tips on building the strongest character:

The video below will make you understand some of the concepts behind creating an appealing character in Divinity Original Sin.

Item Farming:

Where to Find All the Skill Book Merchants in Cyseal:

Blood Stone/Star Stone location guide:

How To Farm Orange Legendary Items:

Quick Money Guide:

Leveling Up Faster & Gear Sharing Tutorial:

Pickpocket Loic Guide:

How to Find Weresheep:

Bellegar’s Puzzle/Maze Guide:

Luculla Mines Location:

Key to Esmeralda’s House Guide:

Extra Skill Points:

Withered Gardens – Trap House – Key Locations:

How to speak to Troll, Zombie Edition – Location Guide:

Evelyn Secret Cave Location – Reveal Spell – Cover Vault – Guide:

Abandoned Basement – Location Guide:

Achievements Guide:


You have solved Bellegar’s maze. Refer Bellegar’s Puzzle/Maze Guide above.


You have met the legendary weresheep!. Refer How to Find Weresheep Guide above.

Brutal Truth

You told Aureus that his soldiers are cowards.

Captain Jack

You found a job for the unemployed. They will work for Captain Jack.

Caught in the Game

You tried to sneak past the guards… And failed!

Disciples of the Watch

You sent the Watch after those annoying imps.

Echoes from the Past

You talked Ebenezer into… fighting you.


You safely returned to the surface.

Fabulous Disaster

The Fabulous Five packed their bags and left town.

Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown

You have safely entered Phantom Forest.

Fields of Regret

A certain potion wore off and that had some consequences…

Find the White Witch

You have rescued the White Witch.

Forged in Fire

And water. And air. And Earth.


You advised Desdemona to forgive Samson.

Gimme Shelter

You have saved the Homestead at the Shelter Plane at the End of Time.

Grande Finale

You have totally, completely, and utterly finished the game! Woooo!!!!


You talked to Icara and learned more about Leandra’s plans.

I Walked with a Zombie

You defeated Evelyn and found Councillor Jake.

Into the Void

You have met the Conduit.

Is Anyone Home?

You defeated the four elemental demons, unlocking the prison of…

It Could Be Mine

You kept Cecil’s staff for yourself.


You killed the ghost of Pontius Pirate.

Kingdom Come

You made Archibald king of the trolls.

Leave My Girl Alone

You saved Bonnie!

Live Undead

You informed Aureus about the source of the undead.

Locked In

You made it so that Loic couldn’t escape and had to fight you alone. [Refer Pickpocket Loic Guide]

Man on the Silver Mountain

You escorted the whole party safely to Silverglen.

Mister Nice Guy

You delivered Blossius’ will to Marisa totally unaltered.

Model Citizen

You returned the mayor’s mighty staff.

No More Mister Nice Guy

You delivered the will to Marisa… After changing it in your favour.

Peace Sells

You found a way to open the barrier without harming any mushrooms.

Push It

You pushed this one button we wanted you to push. Congratulations!


You came face-to-face with Mangoth himself. MANGOTH!

Shell Shock

You met a talking shell called Ishashell.

Skull Crushing Finale

You have finished the Trial of Ascension.

Sleeping Village

You made it into Hunter’s Edge.

Suspicious Minds

You’ve found your primary suspect.

Take No Prisoners

You rescued the prisoners and helped them escape.

Team Roller

You thwarted Billeh Gahr’s trap with teamwork.

The Declaration of Indifference

You have offered one of your own to the demon Balberith.

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Test

You passed the test! Well, one of many.

The Mirror Inside

You have solved the puzzle that we call the Mirror Dungeon puzzle.

The One That Got Away

Esmeralda was freed from prison.

The System Has Failed

You sent the Watch on a wild goose chase.

The Wizard

You have found Zandalor.

The World Needs Guts

You found a job for the unemployed with the Fabulous Five!

Time to Kill

You have created a spell that makes Death Knights vulnerable.

Trick Bag

You’ve found the legendary teleportation devices of Rivellon!

Truth Be Told

Get Brandon to tell you the truth about the mining guild.

Undeath is just the Beginning

You told Arhu about Thelyron’s machinations.


You advised Desdemona not to forgive Samson.

Voices From The Past

You talked Ebenezer into… Not going to the Hall of Echoes.

Well, well, well

You have united the well brothers.

Wrecking Ball

You destroyed Snorri’s ball outside of the time limit.

You and Me

Sam and Maxine are going to be wed!

You Keep Me Rockin

You kept the Tenebrium for yourself.

Zero the hero

You lied to Aureus and said that his soldiers are true heroes.

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