Elite Dangerous’ April Update Is Focused on New Players

With Beginners’ Zones, new players can be eased in.

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Elite Dangerous will get an update at the end of this month that will largely focus on easing new players into the 2015 space flight simulator (which you can read our take on through here). The new features will include Beginners’ Zones tutorial levels for newer players who have yet to earn their first Combat, Trade, or Exploration rank, hopefully to help those coming to the game for the first time. Along with that, also being added is the Supercruise Assist, which will put your target destination and safety in your machine’s hands to maintain your correct speed and approach.

While the big focus will be on helping out new players, there’s some stuff for advanced players as well, like the Interstellar Initiatives, which are longer, more important Community Goals that current players can work toward, along with several fixes. You can see the partial list of changes and additions coming as part of the update below, and the full patch notes here.

Elite: Dangerous is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and the April update will be live on the 23rd.

Beginners’ Zone

A new collection of systems has been added for newly-created Commanders, and can only be accessed by pilots until they earn their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank. In addition, the authorities here will provide simpler missions that even the smallest of Sidewinders can complete. Across the galaxy, new Commanders will also have a reduced rebuy until they gain their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank, a step in the path towards greatness!

New Modules

Advanced Docking Computer​

​We’re adding an upgraded version of the original Docking Computer, a module designed to allow Commanders to relax, let go of their flight sticks and automatically dock in stations to the serene strings of Johann Strauss II.​ The Advanced Docking Computer will not only allow you to dock, but also allow you to automatically undock from a station without anxiously worrying about getting stuck inside the mail slot. Let’s face it, it will also help with those embarrassing Type-10 spoiler moments!​

This module will also come as standard in all newly-purchased small ships. If you’re starting up a new account, you will find the Advanced Docking Computer in your ship from the get-go – making it easier for you to embark and disembark from your favorite stations without colliding with the walls, landing pads or your fellow Commanders.​

Supercruise Assist​

​Available at your nearest starship department store (i.e. Outfitting) comes the new Supercruise Assist module. While in Supercruise, you’ll be able to target a destination and activate Supercruise Assist, putting your safety in the reassuring hands of a machine. In this mode, your ship will automatically maintain the correct speed and approach to your target destination, and break out of Supercruise at the optimum time. You’ll still have to align with the correct location, but you will no longer have to worry about doing a loop of shame!​ With the Supercruise Assist, you will also be able to enter into orbit around a body – allowing you to launch discovery probes and take screenshots without the fear of face-planting the dusty, rocky ground.​ This module will also come as standard in all newly-purchased ships.​

Free module slots for everyone

With the introduction of these new modules, small ships will be outfitted with two additional size one Optional Internal slots, while medium and large ships will also receive one additional Optional Internal slot. This will automatically and retroactively apply to all relevant ships.

Navigation Tab

In Beyond – Chapter Four, the cockpit was completely revamped, and with the April Update, come even more improvements! The latest area to feel the love is the Navigation Panel where, in places, we have added icons for a tighter, more visually appealing layout. A new column has been added to this panel, denoting activities in an area, mission targets, plotted routes, Wanted status and if the threat level of some areas is too high. The Navigation popup expands on this information, providing more details about the location, such as faction details, star class, information of resources and more!”

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