Elite Dangerous Mega Guide: Farming, Money Cheat, Credits, Bounty Hunting

A complete guide for Elite Dangerous.

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Frontier Development’s Elite Dangerous is out now and we are here to help you out for any challenges that you may come across in your space exploration. Using this guide, you will be know more about farming techniques, earn money/credit and speed faster and easily.

We also take a look at how commodities market work, using Cobra Mk 3 and hauler for more profit in trading and dealing with interdictions.Furthermore, we also have tutorials for Galaxy map and how you can use it for import and export, change the player’s loadout, tips on catch a wanted criminal and earn bounty hunter rewards.

We will also go through mining, pilot controls, docking, start port services, information on weapons like rail gun, missile, ballistics, laser and finally fixes for PC version’s crashes and errors. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

Best Farming Techniques:

  • Taking a warrant scanner to a resource extraction site in an anarchy system will results into more profits.
  • Having enough reputation in faction will not only get extra bounty for killing a pirate but you get the mission award on top of it.
  • Kill Warrant scan before blasting them. 90% of NPCs have some sort of bounty.

Money Cheat, Extra Speed and more: (May or may not work)

Half a million credits in 10 minutes cheat: (May or may not work)

How to Make Money/Credits (450k/h+)

Understanding the Commodities market:

How to Outfit your Cobra Mk 3 for More Profit in Trading:

How to outfit your hauler for more profit in trading:

How to deal with interdictions:

Galaxy Map tutorial (involves using it for exports/imports):

How to change your ships loadout:

Exploration Tutorial:

How To Catch A Wanted Criminal And Earn Bounty Hunter Rewards:

How to do Trading?

How to Make Money/Credits Or Money/Credits Cheats: (May or may not work)

Making Credit Without Combat:

Making Credits using system trading:

Using Advanced Bulletin Board Method:

How to start Mining?

Pilot Training:

Basic Flight Controls:

Galaxy And System Map:


Starport Services:

Weapons Guide:



Rail Gun:



Configure your ship’s power use:

How To Survive:

Utilities Guide:

All about Power Plants:

Outfitting the Type 6 for Maximum Trading Profit:

The Best Trades:

Time Saving Tips:

Prohibited Commodities Simplified:

Fixes for PC Version: Crashes and Errors

Screen tearing, texture issues and flickering: This is mostly likely being caused by enabling VSR and DSR through AMD and Nvidia control panels. Try updating your drivers and changing your v-sync settings.

Server Unavailability: Make sure that you have not included the game in your firewall settings.

Crashes: Make sure your drivers are updated to the latest version. Also make sure that your files are not corrupted. If the problem persists try installing the game once again. Also try changing the 3D management options in AMD’s Catalyst control panel.

This guide was last updated on January 9th, 2015.

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