F1 2014 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about F1 2014.

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F1 2014 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

F1 2014



Xbox 360, PS3, PC


Release Date:Nov 2014

F1 2014 is an upcoming and highly anticipated Formula One simulation racer video game. The game, which is based onthe 2014 Formula One racing season is currently in development by the series owners, Codemasters. Specifically, the Birmingham based branch.

Set to be the sixth entry into the the popular racing series, F1 2014 is also going to continue the tradition of also being published by Codemasters.

Running on the Ego Engine 3.0, which was jointly developed by Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment, the game is being primarily developed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with no plans for an 8th generation port being released next year are still in the works. Given that F1 2015 is being released on 8th gen tech next year, this may replace the 2014 port.

The game will launch on October 21st in North America, the 17th in the UK, the 16th in Australia and the 2nd in Japan. It will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC both at retail and via digital download.

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A expected, development of this latest iteration of the popular Formula One racer hasn’t been particularly interesting.

The developers have drawn heavily from user feedback and personal experience from past and present development cycles.

The game will also be including new aspects of the sport itself, ranging from the new circuits that will be included in the game and the recently introduced turbo charged vehicles. The games Creative Director says, “There’s been a dramatic shift in the sport; the largest shake up in the rules and regulations for a very long time and the new power units provide a very different kind of challenge, for both driver and team. By delivering all of these changes, F1 2014 will make for an exciting and refreshingly different experience.

You can actually see a video that demonstrates the new turbo charged vehicles (which frankly, sound amazingly realistic) and the new tracks here.

The overall control of the games vehicles has been tweaked and improved for a better level of control for players that are using a Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. This, coupled with an in-game “drive evaluation system” that actively tweaks the in game assists (like assisted breaking [which is a banned F1 practice] and driving lines) aims to make the game a much more accessible racer.

The evaluation system actively removes assists as you improve as a driver, thus making you a better driver. The games Creative Director, Stephen Hood has said, “the new driver evaluation system analysing each player’s skill level and suggesting appropriate game settings, plus re-graded difficulty levels including a brand new Very Easy setting, we aim to deliver a thoroughly rewarding F1 experience for players of all abilities, from the novice to the seasoned pro.”

This systematic removal of aid leads to you being better prepared for the online competitive scene. Codemasters themselves have said, “we want all of our players to race competitively, more quickly.”


f1 2014

Gameplay in F1 2014 remains largely unchanged from previous iterations of the game, with the core mechanics simply having been tweaked and adjusted to deliver an improved overall gameplay experience.

The above mentioned Driver Evaluation System is perhaps the single largest change.

Speaking via an official codemasters blog post, they gave the following details on gameplay modes to be expected.

Refined Career Mode – Players can race their way through an improved Formula One season or can even make their way through shorter seasons. This ranges across 7 tracks and 12 racing options.

Expanded Scenario Mode – This features scenarios based on both real world challenges and events that have happened in the recent past.

This game will mark the debut appearance of the ERS. ERS serves as a successor to the KERS system, ERS (electronic recovery system) allows for a savage boost of 160bhp for around 33 seconds which gives drivers hugely improved opportunities for over taking and other advanced manoeuvres.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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