Fallout 4’s Horizon 1.4 Mod Overhauls the Game and its Systems Significantly

War never changes- except for when modders get their hands on it, apparently.

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Like other Bethesda games, Fallout 4 is a haven for modders- many of whom have taken the base game built by Bethesda and, through incessant modding, elevated it into a far superior experience than it is. Take, for example, the Horizon mod for the game- now on its 1.4 update, this mod significantly changes and adds mechanics and systems.

Among the mechanics and systems that are added or modified are included loot, level scaling, combat, medical items, aid, perks, travel, survival, progression, and more. Because of how thorough and significant an overhaul of the game’s mechanics Horizon 1.4 represents, its creators recommend that you start a new file if you want to play it, as opposed to resuming an existing one.

You can check out the full list of changes with this mod for yourself below, and you can also go ahead and download this mod for yourself hereFallout 4 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Medical – Healing in Horizon requires actual medical treatment, and you can no longer be healed otherwise.
  • Aid – Many brand new healing/buff/utility items have been added to expand survival and quality of life.
  • Combat – Combat is more challenging, while removing the “bloated” health pools many enemies have.
  • NPCs – Many NPCs have a custom scaling system to allow them to properly scale with your level.
  • Loot – A VERY large amount of changes were made to loot in order to balance and add immersive detail to the game.
  • Containers – Many new items and loot changes make looting containers and NPC’s more immersive.
  • Lock Breaching – Horizon has it’s own system of breaking into locks and terminals, aside from the standard methods.
  • Ammo – Ammo is much more difficult to acquire, but can also be crafted at the Weapons Lab.
  • Perks – Many perks have been completely redesigned to provide new bonuses and have new purposes.
  • Specializations – Based on the perks you have, you can choose 1 combat-based specialization.
  • Survival – Many changes have been made to rescale and rebalance how survival mode works.
  • Items – Junk items have been expanded to provide more purpose for crafting (including MANY new items.)
  • Magazines – Collecting magazines actually has an extra purpose, which unlocks certain recipes.
  • Crafting – The crafting system is greatly expanded, and has recipes that can be unlocked through various methods.
  • Settlements – New settlement objects: defenses, vendors, decorations, and new types of crafting stations.
  • Progression – A new settlement progression system, that has goals/rewards for settlement builders (still in development.)
  • Travel – A new fast travel system to immersively allow you to travel between settlements.
  • Mail – A new mailbox system is created, to allow you to receive messages and items from various NPCs.
  • Levels – All levels are rescaled in Horizon, to provide a more classically controlled environment.
  • Scrap – Weapons and ammo can be scraped into useful parts, made to craft other weapons/ammo or devices.
  • Storage – Cargo Bots that can be summoned to carry junk back to your settlements.
  • Sorting – Horizon has it’s own inventory sorting fully intended to be used with DEF_UI’s icons.
  • DLC – All DLC’s are optional, but contain full support to rebalance DLC elements as well.
  • Misc – Many various minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Addons – Multiple difficulty modes, optional gameplay addons, optional screen effect tweaks.
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