Final Fantasy 15 Mega Guide: Unlocking Regalia Type F, All Boss Fights, Collectibles, and More

A complete guide for Final Fantasy 15.

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Final Fantasy 15 Mega Guide: Unlocking Regalia Type F, All Boss Fights, Collectibles, and More

With Final Fantasy 15 now being out, a lot of players in the world are playing through the next entry in the legendary franchise, and immersing themselves in the newest world that Square Enix have crafted. This time around, there is so much more of it- with Final Fantasy 15 being entirely open world, there’s a whole lot of content for you to focus on, and chase after.

Not the main story- that is covered in the walkthrough that we have for this game. But this guide covers just about everything else- Chocobo locations, Chocobo customization, Chocobo pear locations, Red Frog locations, Rainbow Frog locations, a guide to spells and magic, weapons, King’s Tomb locations, Regalia customization, map pieces locations, a guide to unlocking the Regalia Type F, a guide to unlocking locked doors in the vaults in the end game raids, a guide to boss fights, a guide to leveling up and gaining XP, and of course, the Trophies and Achievements in the game.

Let’s get started.


Final Fantasy 15 has a mostly straightforward leveling system- you earn XP that levels you up, increasing your stats, and you earn AP, which unlocks perks for you and your party members to use. But even after understanding it, it can be hard to keep up with some of the higher powered enemies in the game- that’s where we come in. The videos below will show you the best ways to level up, and earn AP, faster than usual.


Limited stamina is the bane of all movement and mobility in video games- so it’s good that Final Fantasy 15 has a trick to let you keep running and running and running, without worrying about stamina. You can check out how to do this below, but do remember that this is probably an exploit in the game, and it is likely to be patched out sooner rather than later.

MAXING OUT PARTY SKILLS (Fishing, Survival, Photography, Cooking)

Noctis and his friends each have a signature skill that they are best at- Noctis is best at fishing, for instance, while Propmpto is great at photography. If you want to max out all of your party members’ signature skills, and do it quickly, the video guide below will help you out.


The Regalia Type F is the flying car, Final Fantasy 15‘s ingenious implementation of the old airship trope of the series. So of course you want to unlock it, and you want to unlock it as soon as you can. Which is why – brace yourself here – it will come as a shock to you that you don’t get to do that until you finish the main story.

Yep, that’s a limitation this time around. It’s super annoying, too. That said, once you do finish the game, here’s how you unlock the flying car, if you still care about that by that point.


Another series trope is Chocobos- and happily, they manage to, at least, survive the transition to Final Fantasy 15 mostly unscathed. If you want to learn how you unlock them, check out the vide below:


While it is definitely more of an afterthought this time around than it has been in past games, Magic does exist in Final Fantasy 15- and it’s more complicated now than it has been in previous games. Each spell needs to be crafted first, and then it needs to be equipped. Each spell is also depletable, so you can run out of it, which will necessitate crafting a new one.

Crafting spells can be a tricky business, and that’s where elements come in. When you are crafting a spell – say its base power is 160 – then the element that existed the most in crafting it (51% or more) will be the element of the final spell.

Too confusing? Let’s illustrate this with examples:

  • 140 Fire+20 Water= Fira (160)
  • 160 Fire= Fira (160)
  • 81 Fire+79 Ice= Fira (160)


Basically, as long as a spell has more than half of an element of its total constitution, it will become the same type as that element.

Each spell also has three levels: I, II, and III, which you get at potencies of 0-99, 100-199, and 200 and above respectively. With the basics out of the way, let’s get into a list of spells in the game, what they do, and how to craft them:

  • Fira (100-199): Majority of Fire Element
  • Firaga (200+): Majority of Fire Element
  • Blizzard (1-99): Majority of Ice Element
  • Blizzara: (100-199): Majority of Ice Element
  • Fire (1-99): Majority of Fire Element
  • Thundara: (100-199): Majority of Lightning Element
  • Thundaga: (200+) Majority of Lightning Element
  • Unicast (1-99): No majority element
  • Unicast II (100-199): No majority element
  • Unicast III (200+): No majority element
  • Blizzaga: (200+): Majority of Ice Element
  • Thunder (1-99): Majority of Lightning Element
  • Tricast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Phoenix Down, Elixir, Hi-Elixir, or Sweet Pepper + element
  • Quadcast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Mega Phoenix + element
  • Quintcast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Megalixir + element
  • Venomcast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Poison + element
  • Cusrsecast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): ATK Down + element
  • Failcast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Misfire + element
  • Dualcast I, II, or III: (0-99, 100-199, or 200+): Remedy or Sheep Milk + element



BOSS FIGHTS AND Adamantoise Boss Fight & Location

There are a lot of gigantic, gargantuan beasts and monsters that pose as bosses in Final Fantasy 15. Do you need help taking them down? The videos below will help you with that:


Final Fantasy 15 is an open world game, and you know what that means- yep, as with all open world games, Final Fantasy 15 has a shit ton of collectibles for you to track down. Some can be helpful, others are just fluff. All of them will be tracked down by the enterprising OCD gamer. We’re here to help them with that.

All Scraps of Mystery Map Piece Locations

One of the most frustrating quests in the game, finding all scraps of the mystery map is… difficult. In fact, you almost certainly can’t do it without a guide (that’s where we come in!), and the end reward is… not worth it.

Still, if you have to do it, I suppose…

All Chocobo PEAR Locations

Change the color of your Chocobos! You can do that by tracking these down in the overworld. Use the video below to help you with that:

Regalia Customization Guide And Body Decal Locations

You’re not obligated to use the Regalia as is. In fact, you can deck it out in your own colors, put up all sorts of decals on it, basically shape the car in your own image- at least a little bit. The videos below walk you through the process of doing that, and also tell you where in the world you can find some decals to customize your ride.

Red Frog Locations

More collectibles that are hard to track down, the video below helps you with finding five red frogs.

Rainbow Frog Locations

Now this right here is another maddening sidequest- it’s extremely hard, though I suppose it is worth it in a way. You can check out the locations of the five rainbow frogs below:



Swords can only be used by Noctis:


  • Airstep Sword (83) 300 Gil
  • Rune Saber (103) 600 Gil
  • Broadsword (42) 150 Gil
  • Ice Brand (137) 1,500 Gil
  • Durandal (232) 10,000 Gil
  • Flame Tongue (117) 800 Gil
  • Engine Blade (28)
  • Engine Blade II (40) Upgrade
  • Engine Blade III (204) Upgrade



Polearms can only be used by Noctis and Ignis:

  • Drain Lance (33) Given during the story
  • Drain Lance II (48) Upgrade
  • Javelin (18)
  • Ice Spear (133) 1,500 Gil
  • Radiant Lance (205) 10,000 Gil
  • Mythril Lance (55) 300 Gil
  • Rapier Lance (68) 600 Gil



Only Noctis and Prompto can use firearms:


  • Mythril Pistol (96) 600 Gil
  • Rebellion (167) 1,500 Gil
  • Handgun (32)
  • Cocytus (45) 150 Gil
  • Calamity (53) 300 Gil

Royal Arms

Among the most powerful weapons in the game, you want to be able to track these down for sure and then equip and use them- they will make you unstoppable on the battlefield. The video below will help you out with finding them all.


Amusingly enough, while shields are defensive, they can also be used to attack- shield bash and all.

  • Kite Shield (52) 300 Gil
  • Power Shield 176 600 Gil
  • Black Prince (175) 10,000 Gil
  • Ice Shield (93) 800 Gil
  • Thunder Shield (111) 1,500 Gil
  • Flame Shield (126) 1,500 Gil


Daggers can only be used by Noctis and Ignis.

  • Daggers (20)
  • Orichalcum (223) 10,000 Gil
  • Avengers (43) 150 Gil
  • Cutlasses (58) 300 Gil
  • Mythril Knives (62) 600 Gil
  • Assasin’s Daggers (126) 1,500 Gil


Greatswords can only be used by Noctis and Gladio.

  • War Sword (78) 150 Gil
  • Blade of Brennaere (131) 300 Gil
  • Claymore (156) 600 Gil
  • Hardedge (244) 1,500 Gil
  • Two-Handed Sword (48)



Some dungeons in Final Fantasy 15 have locked doors- and when you open them, you kick off some of the most unexpectedly great content in the game. The guide below shows you just how to go about this:


Learner’s Permit
Drove the Regalia.

Chocobo Jockey
Rode a Chocobo.

Quadruple Threat
Equipped four weapon slots.

New Power
Learned first ability.

Activated 20 ability nodes.

Activated 50 ability nodes.

Angling Rookie
Improved fishing level for the first time.

Survival Rookie 
Improved survival level for the first time.

Photo Rookie 
Improved photography level for the first time.

Cooking Rookie
Improved cooking level for the first time.

Angling Expert
Reached maximum fishing level.

Survival Expert
Reached maximum survival level.

Photo Expert
Reached maximum photography level.

Cooking Expert
Reached maximum cooking level.

Just Hangin’ Around
Performed first point-warp suspension.

Issued first ally command.

Blind Spot
Performed first blindside link.

Noct You Like a Hurricane
Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.

The Power of Kings
Called forth the Armiger for the first time.

Magical Worker
Crafted a spell for the first time.

Black Mage
Used magic for the first time.

Divine Intervention
Summoned one of the Six for the first time.

High Five for Justice!
Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.

Spinning a Yarn I 
Completed first sidequest.

Spinning a Yarn II
Completed 5 sidequests.

Spinning a Yarn III
Completed 10 sidequests.

Spinning a Yarn IV
Completed 20 sidequests.

Spinning a Yarn V
Completed 40 sidequests.

Weaving a Tapestry
Completed 80 sidequests.

My First Hunt 
Completed first hunt.

Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare
Completed the Prologue.

Completed Chapter 1.

No Turning Back
Completed Chapter 2.

The Open World
Completed Chapter 3.

Living Legend 
Completed Chapter 4.
Dark Clouds 
Completed Chapter 5.

A Way Forward 
Completed Chapter 6.

Party of Three
Completed Chapter 7.

Completed Chapter 8.

Completed Chapter 9.

The Heart of a King
Completed Chapter 10.

In the Dark 
Completed Chapter 11.

End of Days 
Completed Chapter 12.

Completed Chapter 13.

Completed Chapter 14.

Chosen King 
Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.

Regalia Pilot 
Flew the Regalia Type-F.

Faithful Heir 
Collected thirteen royal arms.

Immortal Photobomb 
Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.

Tortoise Toppler 
Defeated the adamantoise.

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