Fortnite Patch v6.20 Brings New Limited Time PvEvP Mode

… Followed by Epic Games disabling it after issues with matchmaking.

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Fortnite - Fortnitemares

Fortnite’s latest patch, v6.20 is now live and kicks off the Halloween celebrations for Battle Royale. Well, that is to say that Fortnitemares would have kicked off celebrations, but due to matchmaking issues, Epic Games had to recently disable the same. Until then, check out the newest trailer for the mode, which looks like an epic cross between Battle Royale and Save the World.

The gist of the mode is that the Cube has split the island, dispatching Cube Fragments in the process. Fragments spawn Cube Monsters who drop different kinds of loot, and defeating either a Fiend or Brute offers some shields. There’s also the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, which is a limited time weapon in Fortnitemares. It’s an Epic weapon that deals 40 base damage, deals 4 times the damage against Fiends, and has unlimited ammo.

The latest patch has also brought some new features to Playground. Port-A grenades are now available in Vending Machines around Loot Lake, and the Spiky Stadium also makes a return. Port-A-Pirateship also arrives, with the Ironclad Version adding explosives to the mix for some crazy destruction. Read the full patch notes here, with some of the highlights featured below:

Fortnite v6.20 patch notes


Limited Time Event: Fortnitemares

The Cube strikes back, bringing Fortnitemares to Battle Royale! Drop in and discover what the Cube has unleashed.

  • Cube Fragments spawn Cube Monsters! Drop in and discover the different types.
  • Large Cube Fragments are found near corrupted areas of the island.
  • Small Cube Fragments are created randomly throughout the match.
  • Cube Fiends, Brutes, and Fragments all have a chance to drop loot.
  • Defeating a Cube Fiend or Brute will grant a small amount of shield.

Fiend Hunter Crossbow added. Fortnitemare Limited time weapon.

  • Available in Epic variant.
  • 40 base damage
  • 1.8 shots per second.
  • 4x damage against Fiends
  • Seven Arrow magazine size, unlimited ammo.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests and Vending Machines.


New Port-A grenades are now available in Vending Machines at the southern edge of Loot Lake. The Port-A-Challenge set includes the Building Challenge, Obstacle Course, and Firing Range minigames. There’s four of each type with varying difficulty.

The Spiky Stadium makes a return with a brand new respawn system and Vending Machines to provide all the necessary grenades. Finally, there’s the Port-A-Pirateship mini-game. This grenade spawns a re-creation of the minigame shown off by SXVXN!


  • Obstacle Course: Collect the tokens and avoid the obstacles while honing your building skills.
  • Building Challenge: Build the structure as fast as possible.
  • Firing Range: Take out as many dummies as you can within the time limit.

Spiky Stadium v2

  • Once inside the new Spiky Stadium, players will respawn at designated spawn points inside the playspace.
  • Vending machines provide grenades and Traps to allow you to customize your play.


  • A re-creation of the minigame shown off by SXVXN.
  • Spawns two large wooden Pirate ships.
  • The minigame will split players into two teams, with the goal of destroying the other team’s ship.

Port-A-Pirateship Ironclad Edition

  • Spawns two large metal Pirate ships.
  • Grenades and Rockets are provided for maximum destruction

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