Forza Horizon 2 Developers Say “We Don’t Have To Fake Anything”

Oh boy, when it rains it pours. Pack an umbrella.

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Forza Horizon 2

It’s things like this that make me love being a gamer.

Sometimes a Developer gets a bit crazy and carried away when they’re working on something. Sometimes it means including an Easter egg or a Dubstep gun, you know, just something to lighten the mood. Some other times, they get carried away in a different way. The, Lets build a real functioning weather system that actually works on the principles of the real world, type of carried away.

Speaking to Red Bull about the upcoming racer, Forza Horizon 2, Creative Director Ralph Fulton said “Our sky isn’t blue in our game because we painted it that color, it’s blue because that’s the way light separates in the air when it interacts with water particles; it’s why the sky is blue in real life.” Given that I’m a Science enthusiast, he instantly wins some respect points from me.

He continues to say “Weather effects include summer rain storms that bring even more diversity and beauty to the world, in addition to new driving gameplay challenge. Bringing dynamic weather to the Xbox One means we don’t have to ‘fake’ anything. We can build our weather system with an emphasis on simulation.”

Obviously the power of Microsofts 8th gen hardware is putting some considerable power into the hands of its developers, allowing them to build an actual working weather system that is truly dynamic.

If you don’t believe me, he even said “”If conditions are right, we can simulate mathematically accurate rainbows”.
Is that not awesome?


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