Free Dead Space 2 Copies: FIVE OF THEM…GET YOURS NOW!

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We loved Dead Space 2 and we actually gave it our Editor’s choice. So we at GamingBolt decided to share some love with you.

We are giving away FI…effing…VE, which is 5 copies of Dead Space 2 to our readers. Yes, you read that absolutely right.

Both the versions i.e. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are up for grabs.

So how do you get your hands on these little babies? Well you see that comment box below? Just tell us why you want to play Dead Space 2? Simple, right? The 5 lucky users who will write ‘sensible’ comments will get the game.

Also please follow the following structure for commenting:

  1. Reason You want to play Dead Space 2
  2. Country you belong to
  3. Version interested in.

Note: This contest is open to residents of India/UK/USA. YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE IF YOU’RE NOT FROM ANY OF THESE COUNTRIES. In those cases we may ask for your paypal if a direct delivery is not possible. In such a scenario we would send you the equivalent money.

Contest runs for just 7 days!!!! Starts today 27th Jan and ends 3rd Feb!!!

So, let’s hear some comments!

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165 thoughts on “Free Dead Space 2 Copies: FIVE OF THEM…GET YOURS NOW!”

  1. I want it because I am tired of getting owned at black ops.


    The xbox version will do fine, thought I have a ps3 too so that would also be fine.

  2. 4Everskorned says:

    I want to play Dead Space 2 because out of all the “Scary” or “Horror” themed games out there recently, the first Dead Space game actually dealt out a few jumps i wasnt expecting. As a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and survival horror in general, Dead Space was one game i absolutely loved. Besides my gf has nightmares from me playing it :D!


    360 version FTW

  3. Daniel says:

    1) I only just bought a PS3 last week and currently have no games for it. I’ve played some of FFXIII and Valkyria Chronicles on my friend’s, but I’ve never had a next-gen game of my own. From what I’ve seen of Dead Space 2, it looks like it would make a mind-blowing visual experience of an introduction to my new console! I’d absolutely love to have it be the my first PS3 game!
    2) USA
    3) The PS3 version—I don’t have a 360 yet.

  4. Salman Wali says:

    I want to play Dead Space 2 because I loved getting slaughtered by the necromorphs in the first one. The most brutal ways to die were shown in dead space, and I hope to see more of that in the second one.

    United Kingdom

    The version i’d like is for the Xbox 360


  5. I want to play Dead Space 2 Because a game hasn’t made my adrenaline spike of my heart thump madly since the last Dead Space. I want to survive the nightmare again.

    Xbox 360

  6. celikeins says:

    Isaac should make us whole,so I will guide Isaac to make us whole.
    Altman be praised.
    Xbox 360

  7. lukepc92 says:

    I’m not terminally ill, I’m not crippled, I’m not horrendously poor, I am not an orphan, I am not homeless, I am not a drug addict. I belong to none of the groups that deserves a free copy of anything. I am, however, absolutely completely and utterly skint. Therefore if you would be kind enough to give me one of those precious copies I will express my gratitude by shutting myself in for two weeks to complete the game and do filthy dirty things to the disc. Failing that I’ll rob the nearest game store. Can you live with that on your conscience? I doubt it.
    In conclusion, I feel I am a worthy candidate for this game because I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE.
    Thank you for your time most gracious Judges.

    1. lukepc92 says:

      also Northern Ireland

  8. Stephanie says:

    I would love to get Dead Space 2 for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, it would make him the happiest guy alive. Thank you for considering me.

    XBOX 360

  9. parker says:

    i want to play dead space cause i am going to stay up a whole night and see how scared i get i live at sunrise canyon drive in tx apartment 4101

  10. Jacob says:

    I want Dead Space 2 since I want to scare my MOM..I think that is reason enough.



  11. Haroon says:

    Dead Space 2 is one of those games that bought me in to video games. I was passing by an electronic store in my city and I saw the game in action. I immediately went in and bought a PS3. That is the level of impact the game had one me.

    Country: INdia

    Platform: PS3

  12. Among the scary corners and among the narrow tunnels I see them coming towards me in groups and pairs. They are in my dreams and I see them even when my eyes are open. They haunt me but they dont end my suffering by killing me.

    I am Issac Clarke and this is my story. And This is the reason I love Dead Space 2.

    Country: India

    Platform: Anyone

  13. James Hanges says:

    I wont lie around and say that I havent played Dead Space 2 yet. I played teh first hour at my friend’s home and I have fallen in love with it. Eventhough I cant go at his home and play everyday, I still dream of it. The first hour has become kinda of nightmare for me. So I want to end this and bring some peace in my life. GamingBolt this is the only way you can relieve me of my troubles. Give me a 360 COPY already!

    Country: USA


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