Game developers want PS4 and 720 to be a lot powerful, easy to develop for

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Have you ever wondered what Crytek, Epic Games, DICE and you know, bunch of top tier developers want from next gen platforms? Well neither did we, but now we do have a vague idea, as some developers have revealed what they want tech wise in an interview with Gamasutra.

Most of the developers want significantly better hardware upgrades and an easy to develop architecture. It’s quite interesting seeing all these comments, they aren’t that absurd but quite logical expectations.

Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments section below.


  • Significantly more hardware power.
  • Platforms that are architecturally similar to each other and easy to develop for.

Nadeo (Ubisoft):

  • An open platform.
  • Barring that, as much freedom as possible.
  • A lot of support user generated content and user creativity.
  • The platform holders to respect their consumers and enable them to use the console as they like instead of fearing them/gating their capabilities.


  • More games as a service support.
  • Very fast turnaround for patching/new content.
  • More backend servers under publisher control.
  • Making the barriers between consumers and publishers much lower like it is in the mobile market.


  • A very powerful GPU with GPGPU capability (He wants Compute Shaders/Shader Model 5.0 to make this a bit more technical. Look at the excerpts for specific examples of what he wants to do with them if you’re not familiar with GPGPU.)
  • About a 10x increase in everything else.
  • The ability to do f2p games and microtransactions much more easily.
  • A very short turn around time for patch/new content certification.

Epic Games:

  • All the main features from all the major platforms today.
  • Improved social networking.
  • Downloadable games (including retail, presumably meaning day one).
  • That they’re mainstream computing devices that hook into all your social circles.
  • Very significant hardware increase, as otherwise there’s nothing separating them from other platforms.

Ubisoft Massive:

  • For the consoles to be very similar architecturally.
  • For consoles to be connected online 24/7.
  • For patching and adding new content to be cheaper and easier so they can service their customers instead of feeling patches are too expensive/difficult despite wanting to change something.
  • The ability to run their business and add features to their games as they like without the platform holder blocking them.

Thanks, Nirolak.

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