Gears 5 Guide – Multiplayer Tips And Tricks and How To Level Up Fast

Check out these quick and easy tips for improving in multiplayer.

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If you’ve been playing Gears 5 for its multiplayer – and haven’t experienced too many server issues – you’ll know that it’s a grind. Horde and Escape have characters that can be leveled up for different upgrades but your main multiplayer level is another matter entirely. How do you get that sweet XP? Here are a couple of tips.

How to Earn XP Fast

First off, ignore Deathmatch and focus on modes like King of the Hill and Escalation since you get points for playing the objective and scoring kills. Plus they last longer so the overall efficiency is better than playing several Deathmatch games. For quick reference – kills in King of the Hill and Escalation provide 150 to 250 points each while claiming objectives nets 750 to 850 points.

Of course, if you have the Ultimate edition, then you receive some XP boosters. Standard Edition owners can purchase them from the in-gamestore for 250 to 1200 Iron. If you have some Iron in reserve, it’s not a bad investment.

Multiplayer Tips

New to multiplayer and getting stomped left and right? If you want to improve your skills, there are a number of things to tips to keep in mind.

Right off the bat, you need to choose a character. Even in Arcade Mode, different characters have different perks and loadouts. Del will mark targets that he hits, for example.

Characters also have different perks in Horde and Escape especially with Ultimate abilities – we suggest rolling with Fahz, Marcus and JD Fenix because their abilities can be incredibly potent in the right hands. Fahz, for example, can see and shoot enemies through walls allowing for easy head shots, left and right from relative safety. Also, when leveling up in Horde, make sure to keep checking the customization menu for upgrades to your skills.

Before hopping into PvP, brush up on some techniques by playing co-op versus AI. You play alongside other humans and is great for getting to know the map while practicing your aim. If you want a match with just bots, head into Custom Games. Either way, map knowledge and knowing where the key items spawn is paramount.

For actual PvP, remember to stick together. It might seem appealing to flank again and again, but you’ll find the most success running alongside your team. Keep track of your teammates and watch out for any flankers – mark them with the left stick so that your friends know where enemies are coming from. Items like weapons, ammo and so on can also be marked for your team’s attention.

Some basic mechanics like Active Reloads are vital – when reloading, hit the button again while the cursor is in the white area. It’s the fastest reload possible but requires practice to get it right without paying too much attention. But it could make a big difference between winning and losing gunfights. Practice with different weapons to get a feel for their recoil. Never go full auto with weapons like the Lancer – tap the trigger and aim properly to hit more shots.

You probably know how to take cover (just press A when near an object) but moving back while taking cover will cancel it. If you take cover and then press Sprint just as you hit it, you’ll effectively bounce off allowing for continuous motion without being too exposed. If you’re bee-lining down lanes while simply sprinting, and not bouncing off cover, you’re asking for trouble.

When should you blind-fire from cover? When should you aim down sights? If an enemy is bearing down from a long range, aiming down sights is advised. If they’re close, try blind-firing. It depends, of course, especially since enemies can hop over cover to stun you so think carefully. Of course, you can do the same – simply press A to jump over cover and then B for a melee execution. If an opponent does the same to you, press B to counter the execution. Pressing X while holding forward lets you grab an opponent on the other side. Practice blind-firing and get a feel for the best place to position your reticle when an enemy is close.

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