Gears Tactics Guide – How To Level Up Quickly, Cases and Armor Upgrades

Farm XP quickly and acquire new weapons and armor upgrades with these tips.

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The Coalition’s Gears Tactics is a long game and, despite some repetitive missions, it offers quite a satisfying campaign to play through. But if you want to keep going, taking on more challenges and finding the best Legendary items, then you’ll want to hit the level cap. How do you get to level 10 though?

How To Level Up Quickly?

When playing through the campaign for the first time, Control missions are very good for XP due to the number of enemies present. You just need to capture the different zones and gather nine supplies. Then, move away from the zones. The mission is completed when 10 supplies are gathered so you can just keep farming XP since enemies will keep respawning.

Another method is to undertake Veteran Mode missions. These are unlocked upon finishing the game once and provide different modifiers for increased challenge. You’ll have to complete some side missions first so keep that in mind before hopping in.

A note when recruiting new units: New soldiers are oftentimes just one level below the core squad but you can freely assign their skill points. Rescued soldiers, on the other hand, are around the same level but have their skill points assigned already. Given the limited number of skill point resets available, take on soldiers – new recruits or rescued – whenever you need to round out the roster.

Cases and Armor Upgrades

Weapons and armor for your squad can be changed in the Barracks but you need to find said items first. If you explore enough in certain missions, you’ll find cases with different weapons and armor. Cases have different rarity tiers – like Common (White), Rare (Blue) and Epic (Purple) – so prioritize them accordingly. A case has to be retrieved by a squad member to actually claim the items inside so keep that in mind when in the heat of battles.

Along with weapons, cases also contain armor upgrades. Once the mission is over and cases opened, you can check a specific unit for upgrades available to them. Keep the unit’s class in mind – accuracy is good for Snipers, health is better for Vanguards and so on – before upgrading them.

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