Ghost of Tsushima Trophy List Details Various Side Activities

The game has various Trophies related to liberation missions, item collection, combat, and more.

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ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima releases imminently, and ahead of its launch, details on the game have been coming in thick and fast. Prior to the game’s release, Sucker Punch have talked about it being their biggest game ever, one that can provide about 50 hours of content per playthrough, and its newly revealed Trophies list (via PowerPyx) definitely seems to be backing up that notion.

With 40 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver, 2 Gold, and, of course, 1 Platinum, Ghost of Tsushima has 52 unlockable Trophies in total, and together they encapsulate a vast variety of activities. On top of Trophies related to progression in the main story, there are also quests for various side questlines (called Tales in the game), as well as one for completing all Tales in Tsushima.

Several Trophies are directly related to combat, and require actions such as successfully completing every duel, learning all combat stances, defeating 20 enemies with counters following perfect parries, killing an enemy by knocking them off a ledge, and more. Upgrade and customization-related Trophies are also in there, as are those tied into exploration of the game’s world. All in all, it doesn’t seem like a very difficult game to Platinum- you can check out the full Trophy list below.

Ghost of Tsushima release a couple of days from now, on July 17, exclusively for PS4. Reviews for the game have started coming in thick and fast- read our reviews round-up to find out what the critics thinks about Sucker Punch’s new open world title through here.


  • Living Legend: Obtain All Trophies — Platinum
  • Hidden Story Trophy (1) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (2) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (3) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (4) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (5) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (6) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (7) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (8) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (9) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (10) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (11) — Bronze
  • Hidden Story Trophy (12) — Bronze
  • The Warrior Monk: Complete all of Norio’s Tales — Silver
  • The Vengeful Warrior: Complete all of Masako’s Tales — Silver
  • The Unbending Archer: Complete all of Ishikawa’s Tales — Silver
  • The Headstrong Thief: Complete all of Yuna’s Tales — Silver
  • Teller of Tales: Complete all of the Mythic Tales — Silver
  • Helping Sword Hand: Complete all of Tales of Tsushima — Gold
  • Flash of Steel: Defeat 20 enemies with a counter attack after a Perfect Parry — Bronze
  • Witness Protection: Shoot a terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing — Bronze
  • All in the Wrist: Defeat the maximum amount of enemies within a single Standoff — Bronze
  • Open for Business: Successfully Stagger enemies 50 times — Bronze
  • There Can Be Only One: Successfully complete every duel — Bronze
  • Have a Nice Fall: Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge — Silver
  • Hunting Precision: Kill 20 enemies with Ghost Stance strikes — Bronze
  • The Ghost of Legend: Build your Legend to earn the title of Ghost of Tsushima — Bronze
  • Quick Study: Learn the Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon combat stances — Bronze
  • Every Trick in the Book: Acquire all the throwable Ghost Weapon techniques — Bronze
  • The Perfect Storm Fully upgrade your sword — Bronze
  • A Charming Man: Equip a charm in all 6 slots — Bronze
  • Gifted: Collect 10 gifts — Bronze
  • Slay: Acquire 30 pieces of Vanity Gear — Bronze
  • Light the Way: Rekindle all the lighthouses of Tsushima — Bronze
  • Den of Thieves: Discover Umugi Cove — Bronze
  • Favor of the Kami: Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima — Bronze
  • Honor the Unseen: Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima — Bronze
  • Lost and Found: Discover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit — Bronze
  • Monochrome Masters: purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants — Bronze
  • Cooper Clan Cosplayer: Dress up as a legendary thief — Silver
  • Dirge of the Fallen Forge: Play the “Lament of the storm” at a friend’s grave — Bronze
  • A Moment in Time: Personalize a scene in Photo Mode — Bronze
  • Avid Reader: Collect 20 Records — Bronze
  • Know Your Enemy: Collect 20 Mongol artifacts — Bronze
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit: Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes — Silver
  • Hero of the People: Liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara — Bronze
  • A Fight for the Isle: Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara — Bronze
  • Good Riddance: Liberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama — Bronze
  • Securing Sanctuary:  Liberate all occupied ares in Toyotama — Bronze
  • Mass Eviction: Liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata — Bronze
  • A New Safe Haven: Liberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata — Bronze
  • Master Liberator: Liberate the entirety of Tsushima Island — Silver

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