Godfall Progression Detailed – Skill Grid, Crafting and More

Counterplay Games’ Richard Heyne also discusses Trinkets and enchanting.

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Counterplay Games has offered more details on the progression of looter slasher Godfall en route to its release. Speaking to IGN, senior technical producer Richard Heyne discussed aspects like the Skill Grid, Trinkets and the significance of crafting. First up is the Skill Grid, which Heyne says is meant to provide “maximal flexibility.”

“We wanted to avoid choice paralysis, because Godfall combat can be quick, it can be snappy. It’s action-packed, and if every two levels you’re having to open the UI menu, read each individual skill, decide the best path for you… it wasn’t synonymous with what Godfall is, and it would really hinder the player’s experience.”

Along with being able to respec instantly, skill points can carry over between Valorplates. This reduces the amount of grinding necessary for really taking advantage of a new Valorplate. In terms of loot, players can equip two weapons, a life stone, charm, banner, amulet, ring and augment. These can be changed in the middle of a mission but upgrading and enchanting is done at the Sanctum, the de facto player hub.

While upgrading will level up a weapon, enchanting increases its rarity level. “If there was a piece of loot that you really liked and you wanted to use for an extended period of time, we wanted to make sure there was some ability to bring that weapon with you throughout the game,” explains Heyne, who also confirmed that there were 125 weapon options available. As for crafting, certain materials are exclusive to certain realms but players won’t be pushed into grinding for them.

Instead, the discovery and gathering will be more natural. “You can go into the Water realm during your campaign missions. You’ll naturally be brought there. You’ll be in the Water realm for hunt missions. There will be endgame content that takes place in the Water realm. There will be co-op opportunities in the Water realm.

“So you’re not being told, ‘Hey, you have to go do this side mission to unlock Mesa the Valorplate.’ You should be able to probably get enough crafting materials for a handful of those throughout the campaign itself, and then if there are any [items needed for the others]… you should have a list of activities to pick from, be able to choose what you want and to fill out those last pieces of your armory without feeling slowed down.”

Finally, with regards to Trinkets, they’re described as “unique pieces of loot” that can’t really be seen but provide “unique traits that closely tie into the various archetypes that you can explore within Godfall. And the right Trinket put into the right build is really what is supposed to round it out and bring that build together.”

Godfall is slated to release on November 12th for PS5 and PC. For the latest gameplay, head here.

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