Godfall Promises Challenging Endgame Content, Including Rogue-like Tower Of Trials Mode

The game hopes to keep you coming back well after the main story.

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If there’s one game that has been shown off significantly for next generation consoles, it’s been Godfall. The title was one of the first to be revealed for the new systems, and Gearbox and Counterplay Games have done everything to make their case. Now, they’ve also detailed what you can do after you beat the main story.

Once again speaking with Gamebyte, Technical Producer Dick Heyne spoke about Godfall‘s endgame. As you may know, the game can be played solo (despite still needing an internet connection) as well as co-op, and you’ll probably want something to do after the main story is finished. Heyne promises there’s a lot of endgame things to partake in here, and one thing he highlights is the Tower of Trials. Much like side missions in the game, it is very combat-focused and rogue-like as you travel each level to battle increasingly difficult enemies.

“Our aim is to create engaging end game loops that will continue to challenge and reward players. The battle isn’t over once you defeat Macros.

“One example of this is Tower of Trials. Tower of Trials (ToT) is a rogue-like end-game challenge mode accessed within The Monolith. It can be played solo or co-op. As players complete the combat trials and progress up the elevator in the center of The Monolith, the enemies will get stronger. Luckily, the players can earn Boons and Item Rewards on their way up.

“Players first complete the Elevator Encounter Trial by defeating waves of enemies to be rewarded with Keys, a currency specific to ToT, and will get reset to 0 when the player exits ToT.

“Players then choose the type of reward they’d like to earn next by picking a doorway with the corresponding Reward Type‘s icon on it. There are several types of Reward Types that the player can earn, but only if they walk through the doorway and defeat the Room Encounter Trial.”

Godfall is set to launch on November 12th for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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