Grand Theft Auto 5 New Details: Wanted Levels, Submarine, Properties and More

The latest GTA could very well be the greatest yet.

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The internet is abuzz with news of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V mere days from its release. New details have been revealed for the same, including the Wanted level, some new Activities and using the submarine for exploring the waters of Los Santos.

As usual, your notoriety will be measured by your Wanted level. Commit a few crimes, punch a few civilians or attack cops and you’ll earn a single star on your Wanted level. Evade arrest or further attacking citizens and police will increase it further thus increasing the harshness of police response. At higher levels, police will give up trying to apprehend you and instead focus on shooting to kill. Make no mistake: Further antagonizing will have helicopters and special units out to get you. You’ll also be given certain Wanted levels depending on the missions you take.

Interestingly, you can lower your Wanted level through several means which include leaving the crime scene and – as in previous games – spray painting your car into a completely different colour.

For properties, you’ll be able to purchase properties corresponding to each separate character. There will be properties that can be purchased by any one and some only available when you complete missions. There will be various properties to pick up including cinemas, clubs, bars and more. You can also take part in Property Management as an Activity which will net you more cash.

One of the other Activities that you can take part in for Grand Theft Auto V is Towing. Essentially you can earn money by towing vehicles. There will also be a different instance of the Activity which expands upon it further depending on how you go about receiving requests for towing.

As noted before, you can control a submarine to explore the depths of the ocean surrounding Los Santos. This will come in handy for both story-line purposes and collecting special items. It should be noted that the submarine can be damaged, and if you travel in the dark, it will light up to show the way. It can also be used to travel across the water surface and in shallow water.

Grand Theft Auto V will release on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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