Greedfall Guide – All Skills, How To Quickly Level Up, and Memory Crystal Locations

Become stronger in a shorter span of time and discover what skills to take.

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You might be attempting to grind through Spiders’ GreedFall to level up and unlock more Skills, Talents and whatnot. While experiencing all of the content is encouraged, there is a way to level up quickly. It involves an exploit, that too early on, so keep this in mind if you don’t want to break the entire game for yourself.

Traveling to San Matheus is the first step. This can be done when you’re able to travel to Serene, which eventually culminates in your arrival at New Serene. Don’t enter the city yet – instead, speak to the person in the Caravan and choose the Travel option. Play 10 gold and head to San Matheus. Upon reaching there, you’ll find humans that can be killed, crude ore and some campfires.

Once you kill all the humans and gather their armor/weapons, collect the crude ore and find a campfire. Sleep for six days at a stretch. When you awaken, all the enemies and ore will respawn, allowing you to farm them easily. Rinse and repeat. For simply leveling up, sleep for four days at a stretch – the humans will respawn but the ore will not. Make use of this quickly, especially since there’s a chance it could be patched.


Unlocking different skills can also be done by activating Skill Altars throughout the world. You’ll find Altars at the following locations: Glendgnamvar, Shore of Tall Bones; Magasvar, Vale of the Great Battle; Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters; and Tir Dob, The Black Lands. Now for the real question – what kind of skills can you unlock in GreedFall?

There are three skill trees – Magic, Warrior and Technical. The Magic skill tree offers, as you’ve guessed, different magic abilities. Check them out below:

  • Stasis: Freeze an enemy in place. Taking damage will end the effect.
  • Stagnation: Stasis duration increased by 20 percent.
  • Corrosive Emanation: Stasis causes 20 armor damage per second to frozen enemies.
  • Perfect Incantation: Stasis costs 25 percent less energy.
  • Crystallization: Enemies suffering from Stasis take 50 percent more damage from the next attack.
  • Magic Healing: Recover HP.
  • Shield of the Enlightened: Physical armor is increased and regenerates while the spell is active.
  • Steadfast Light: Shield of the Enlightened increases balance by 30, essentially preventing knockdowns.
  • Shield of Fury: Shield of the Enlightened generates 5 additional Fury with attacks.
  • Holy Bulwark: Shield of the Enlightened increases both magical resistance and elemental resistance by 20 percent.
  • Blessing of the Enlightened: Shield of the Enlightened will also buff allies but with 50 percent effectiveness.
  • Divine Magic Ring: Enables use of Divine Magic Rings.
  • Ravenous Shadows: Shadow Missile and Shadow Impact deal 10 percent more damage.
  • Shadow Dancing: Shadow Impact’s combo speed is increased.
  • Destabilizing Impact: Shadow Impact causes 100 percent increased loss of balance.
  • Light Projectiles: Shadow Missile’s magic energy cost is reduced by 10 percent.
  • Lightning Dash: Must have Divine Magic Ring equipped. After dodging, you can instantly back away.
  • Faster than Lightning: After using Lightning Dash, attack speed is increased.
  • Light Shadow Impact: Shadow Impact’s magic energy cost is reduced by 10 percent.
  • Ranged Shadow Impact: The distance covered by Shadow Impact is increased.
  • Whirlwind of Shadows: Shadow Missile’s attack speed is increased.
  • Storm: Creates a shock wave – enemies hit by this are affected with Stasis.
  • Vulnerability Storm: Enemies hit by Storm are vulnerable to slow effects and magic damage.
  • Extended Storm: Storm’s vulnerability duration is extended.
  • Shadow Burst: When cast, causes magic damage to surrounding enemies while also knocking them back.
  • Temporal Rift: Massively slows nearby enemies when casting Shadow Burst.
  • Relentless Shadow: Shadow Burst damage increased by 50 percent.
  • Enlarged Shadow: Shadow Burst area of effect is increased by 2 meters.
  • Devastating Shadow: Increase stun of Shadow Burst by 50 percent.

The Warrior skill tree is all about fighting with melee weapons and abilities. Its skills include:

  • One-Handed Blades: Enables use of one-handed weapons.
  • Sharp Steel: One-handed weapons deal 10 percent more damage.
  • Cruel Steel: When striking unarmed enemies with a one-handed weapon, damage dealt is increased by 20 percent.
  • Strong Kick: Stun an enemy with a kick.
  • Devastating Kick: Kicking damage enemy armor.
  • Roll: Quickly use dodge a second time to roll. Doesn’t work with Divine Magic Ring.
  • Galvanizing Fury: Fury is increased by 10 percent.
  • Vengeful Fury: Counter-attacks generate more Fury.
  • Backstab: Attacking an enemy’s back deals more damge.
  • Devious Fury: Generate 20 percent more Fury from attacking an enemy’s back.
  • Long Blades: Enables use of two-handed blades.
  • Sharpened Edge: Two-handed blades deal 10 percent more damage.
  • Cutting Breath: Attack range is increased.
  • Steel Squall: Attack cooldown reduced, resulting in higher attack speed.
  • Lansquenet Steadiness: Balance is increased by 50 when wielding a two-handed blade.
  • Fury: Attack speed is increased.
  • Powerful Fury: Stunning power is increased.
  • Regenerative Fury: Restore health and armor using Fury.
  • One-Handed Heavy Weapons: Enables use of maces, hammers and axes.
  • Strong Grip: Blunt weapons deal 10 percent more damage.
  • Chained Attacks: Blunt weapons have faster attack speed.
  • Devastating Impact: Hitting an enemy will stun and cause them to lose balance.
  • Armour Breaker: Increased damage against armored foes.
  • Two-Handed Heavy Weapons: Enables use of two-handed heavy weapons.
  • Iron Grip: Blunt weapon damage increased by 10 percent.
  • Steel Wall: Become better with two-handed weapons.
  • Shock Wave: Create a wave that catches enemies off balance.
  • Seismic Shock: Shock Wave radius increased.

Finally, there’s the Technical skill tree. This focuses on crafting items and firearms. Check out the skills below:

  • Firearms: Enables ranged weaponry use.
  • Precise Calibration: Firearms deal more damage.
  • Destructive Shot: Fire rounds that can destroy armor.
  • Impact Bullets: Fire rounds that stun enemies.
  • Rifle: Enables rifle use.
  • Anointed Weapons: Apply potions to weapons to buff their damage.
  • Alchemical Dosage: The potency of potions is increased.
  • Assassin’s Touch: Potion-buffed weapons deal poison damage.
  • Focused Alchemical Fire: Elemental damage is increased.
  • Bomb: Enables bomb usage.
  • Powerful Bomb: Bomb range and power increased.
  • Toxic Bomb: Bombs can poison enemies.
  • Set Trap: Enables potions that explode on hitting the enemy.
  • Fast Trap: Enables the placement of traps in battles.
  • Destructive Elemental Preparations: Damage to armor is increased.
  • Seismic Magic Preparations: Magic damage increased.
  • Economical Alchemy: Disarmed/destroyed traps can be salvaged for ingredients.
  • Phial Throw: Phials can be thrown like bombs and explode when hitting foes.
  • Light Grenades: Grenades travel farther when thrown.
  • Mephitic Discharge: Phial that causes poison damage upon exploding.
  • Extended Stasis Alchemy: Increased Stasis potion duration.
  • Devastating Grenades: Effective range of Technical tree skills is increased.

Respeccing and Memory Crystal Locations

If you’re looking to respec any stats, then you’ll need to find Memory Crystals. You receive them from bosses in the story and side quests. The first is encountered relatively early.

After defeating the boss at Serene – before venturing on the boat to New Serene – you’ll receive a Memory Crystal upon hitting level 4. The second Memory Crystal is acquired by defeating Nadaig Glendemen in the “Forever a Naut” quest. You need to head to the Naut ship in Wenshaganaw – The Singing Waters to fight it.

The third Memory Crystal is earned from the main quest “Face to Face With the Demon”. After the boss is defeated, some puzzles must be solved with the crystal offered as a reward. A fourth Memory Crystal is located in Vedvilvie. Fight and defeat the boss here to obtain it.

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